Seiichiro Onari
Seiichiro Onari
Dept. of Physics, Nagoya University
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Unconventional pairing originating from the disconnected Fermi surfaces of superconducting LaFeAsO 1− x F x
K Kuroki, S Onari, R Arita, H Usui, Y Tanaka, H Kontani, H Aoki
Physical Review Letters 101 (8), 087004, 2008
Pnictogen height as a possible switch between high-T c nodeless and low-T c nodal pairings in the iron-based superconductors
K Kuroki, H Usui, S Onari, R Arita, H Aoki
Physical Review B 79 (22), 224511, 2009
Orbital-fluctuation-mediated superconductivity in iron pnictides: analysis of the five-orbital Hubbard-Holstein model
H Kontani, S Onari
Physical review letters 104 (15), 157001, 2010
Violation of Anderson’s theorem for the sign-reversing s-wave state of iron-pnictide superconductors
S Onari, H Kontani
Physical review letters 103 (17), 177001, 2009
Self-consistent vertex correction analysis for iron-based superconductors: Mechanism of Coulomb interaction-driven orbital fluctuations
S Onari, H Kontani
Physical review letters 109 (13), 137001, 2012
Origin of orthorhombic transition, magnetic transition, and shear-modulus softening in iron pnictide superconductors: Analysis based on the orbital fluctuations theory
H Kontani, T Saito, S Onari
Physical Review B 84 (2), 024528, 2011
Superconductivity in Ca1-x La x FeAs2: A Novel 112-Type Iron Pnictide with Arsenic Zigzag Bonds
N Katayama, K Kudo, S Onari, T Mizukami, K Sugawara, Y Sugiyama, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 82 (12), 123702, 2013
Orbital fluctuation theory in iron pnictides: Effects of As-Fe-As bond angle, isotope substitution, and Z 2-orbital pocket on superconductivity
T Saito, S Onari, H Kontani
Physical Review B 82 (14), 144510, 2010
Structure of neutron-scattering peaks in both s++-wave and s±-wave states of an iron pnictide superconductor
S Onari, H Kontani, M Sato
Physical Review B 81 (6), 060504, 2010
Nematicity and magnetism in FeSe and other families of Fe-based superconductors
Y Yamakawa, S Onari, H Kontani
Physical Review X 6 (2), 021032, 2016
Phase diagram of the two-dimensional extended Hubbard model: Phase transitions between different pairing symmetries when charge and spin fluctuations coexist
S Onari, R Arita, K Kuroki, H Aoki
Physical Review B 70 (9), 094523, 2004
Theory of superconductivity of carbon nanotubes and graphene
K Sasaki, J Jiang, R Saito, S Onari, Y Tanaka
journal of the physical society of japan 76 (3), 033702, 2007
Sign-Reversing Orbital Polarization in the Nematic Phase of FeSe due to the Symmetry Breaking in the Self-Energy
S Onari, Y Yamakawa, H Kontani
Physical review letters 116 (22), 227001, 2016
Emergence of fully gapped s++-wave and nodal d-wave states mediated by orbital and spin fluctuations in a ten-orbital model of KFe 2 Se 2
T Saito, S Onari, H Kontani
Physical Review B 83 (14), 140512, 2011
High- Superconductivity near the Anion Height Instability in Fe-Based Superconductors: Analysis of
S Onari, Y Yamakawa, H Kontani
Physical review letters 112 (18), 187001, 2014
Neutron inelastic scattering peak by dissipationless mechanism in the s++-wave state in iron-based superconductors
S Onari, H Kontani
Physical Review B 84 (14), 144518, 2011
Spin-triplet superconductivity in Sr 2 RuO 4 due to orbital and spin fluctuations: Analyses by two-dimensional renormalization group theory and self-consistent vertex …
M Tsuchiizu, Y Yamakawa, S Onari, Y Ohno, H Kontani
Physical Review B 91 (15), 155103, 2015
Orbital fluctuation theory in iron-based superconductors: s++-wave superconductivity, structure transition, and impurity-induced nematic order
H Kontani, Y Inoue, T Saito, Y Yamakawa, S Onari
Solid state communications 152 (8), 718-727, 2012
Enhanced triplet superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric systems
T Yokoyama, S Onari, Y Tanaka
Physical Review B 75 (17), 172511, 2007
Electrically controlled superconducting states at the heterointerface SrTiO 3/LaAlO 3
K Yada, S Onari, Y Tanaka, J Inoue
Physical Review B 80 (14), 140509, 2009
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