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Géza Gergely Ambrus
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The fade-in–short stimulation–fade out approach to sham tDCS–reliable at 1 mA for naive and experienced subjects, but not investigators
GG Ambrus, H Al-Moyed, L Chaieb, L Sarp, A Antal, W Paulus
Brain stimulation 5 (4), 499-504, 2012
Cutaneous perception thresholds of electrical stimulation methods: comparison of tDCS and tRNS
GG Ambrus, W Paulus, A Antal
Clinical Neurophysiology 121 (11), 1908-1914, 2010
Alternating Current Stimulation for Vision Restoration after Optic Nerve Damage: A Randomized Clinical Trial
C Gall, S Schmidt, MP Schittkowski, A Antal, GG Ambrus, W Paulus, ...
PloS one 11 (6), e0156134, 2016
Both the cutaneous sensation and phosphene perception are modulated in a frequency-specific manner during transcranial alternating current stimulation
Z Turi, GG Ambrus, K Janacsek, K Emmert, L Hahn, W Paulus, A Antal
Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience 31 (3), 275--285, 2013
The enhancement of cortical excitability over the DLPFC before and during training impairs categorization in the prototype distortion task
GG Ambrus, M Zimmer, ZT Kincses, I Harza, G Kovács, W Paulus, A Antal
Neuropsychologia 49 (7), 1974-1980, 2011
When size matters: large electrodes induce greater stimulation-related cutaneous discomfort than smaller electrodes at equivalent current density
Z Turi, GG Ambrus, KA Ho, T Sengupta, W Paulus, A Antal
Brain stimulation 7 (3), 460-467, 2014
When less is more: Enhanced statistical learning of non-adjacent dependencies after disruption of bilateral DLPFC
GG Ambrus, T Vékony, K Janacsek, ABC Trimborn, G Kovács, D Nemeth
Journal of Memory and Language 114, 104144, 2020
Double dissociation of working memory and attentional processes in smokers and non-smokers with and without nicotine
J Grundey, R Amu, GG Ambrus, G Batsikadze, W Paulus, MA Nitsche
Psychopharmacology 232 (14), 2491-2501, 2015
Causal evidence of the involvement of the number form area in the visual detection of numbers and letters
M Grotheer, GG Ambrus, G Kovács
NeuroImage 132, 314-319, 2016
Right hemisphere advantage in statistical learning: evidence from a probabilistic sequence learning task
K Janacsek, GG Ambrus, W Paulus, A Antal, D Nemeth
Brain stimulation 8 (2), 277-282, 2015
Comparing cutaneous perception induced by electrical stimulation using rectangular and round shaped electrodes
GG Ambrus, A Antal, W Paulus
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Brain-derived neurotrophic factor: its impact upon neuroplasticity and neuroplasticity inducing transcranial brain stimulation protocols
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Separating Recognition Processes of Declarative Memory via Anodal tDCS: Boosting Old Item Recognition by Temporal and New Item Detection by Parietal Stimulation.
A Pisoni, Z Turi, A Raithel, GG Ambrus, I Alekseichuk, A Schacht, ...
PloS one 10 (3), e0123085, 2015
The neural dynamics of familiar face recognition
GG Ambrus, D Kaiser, RM Cichy, G Kovács
Cerebral Cortex 29 (11), 4775-4784, 2019
Safety of 5 kHz tACS
L Chaieb, A Antal, A Pisoni, C Saiote, A Opitz, GG Ambrus, N Focke, ...
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Causal evidence of the involvement of the right occipital face area in face-identity acquisition
GG Ambrus, F Windel, AM Burton, G Kovács
NeuroImage 148, 212-218, 2017
The role of the putamen in cognitive functions—A case study
T Sefcsik, D Nemeth, K Janacsek, I Hoffmann, J Scialabba, P Klivenyi, ...
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Toward unraveling reading–related modulations of tDCS–induced neuroplasticity in the human visual cortex
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Frontiers in psychology 5, 2014
Monitoring transcranial direct current stimulation induced changes in cortical excitability during the serial reaction time task
GG Ambrus, L Chaieb, R Stilling, H Rothkegel, A Antal, W Paulus
Neuroscience letters 616, 98-104, 2016
Bi-frontal transcranial alternating current stimulation in the ripple range reduced overnight forgetting
GG Ambrus, A Pisoni, A Primaßin, Z Turi, W Paulus, A Antal
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 9, 374, 2015
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