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Alberto Del Rio
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Fast and accurate predictions of binding free energies using MM‐PBSA and MM‐GBSA
G Rastelli, AD Rio, G Degliesposti, M Sgobba
Journal of computational chemistry 31 (4), 797-810, 2010
Chiral liquid chromatography contribution to the determination of the absolute configuration of enantiomers
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PARP14 promotes the Warburg effect in hepatocellular carcinoma by inhibiting JNK1-dependent PKM2 phosphorylation and activation
V Iansante, PM Choy, SW Fung, Y Liu, JG Chai, J Dyson, A Del Rio, ...
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Structure-based design of potent aromatase inhibitors by high-throughput docking
F Caporuscio, G Rastelli, C Imbriano, A Del Rio
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Metformin impairs glucose consumption and survival in Calu-1 cells by direct inhibition of hexokinase-II
B Salani, C Marini, A Del Rio, S Ravera, M Massollo, AM Orengo, ...
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Modulation of epigenetic targets for anticancer therapy: clinicopathological relevance, structural data and drug discovery perspectives
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Metformin, cancer and glucose metabolism
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Identification of a DNA methylation signature in blood cells from persons with Down Syndrome
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A SMYD3 small‐molecule inhibitor impairing cancer cell growth
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Discovery of novel and selective SIRT6 inhibitors
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CoCoCo: a free suite of multiconformational chemical databases for high-throughput virtual screening purposes
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Molecular BioSystems 6 (11), 2122-2128, 2010
Rejuvenating sirtuins: the rise of a new family of cancer drug targets
S Bruzzone, M Daniele Parenti, A Grozio, A Ballestrero, I Bauer, A Del Rio, ...
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Exploring enantioselective molecular recognition mechanisms with chemoinformatic techniques
A Del Rio
Journal of separation science 32 (10), 1566-1584, 2009
Theoretical reassessment of Whelk‐O1 as an enantioselective receptor for 1‐(4‐halogeno‐phenyl)‐1‐ethylamine derivatives
A Del Rio, JM Hayes, M Stein, P Piras, C Roussel
Chirality: The Pharmacological, Biological, and Chemical Consequences of …, 2004
Freely accessible databases of commercial compounds for high-throughput virtual screenings
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A meta-analysis on age-associated changes in blood DNA methylation: results from an original analysis pipeline for Infinium 450k data
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Non‐racemic atropisomeric (thio)ureas as neutral enantioselective anion receptors for amino‐acid derivatives: Origin of smaller Kass with thiourea than urea …
C Roussel, M Roman, F Andreoli, AD Rio, R Faure, N Vanthuyne
Chirality: The Pharmacological, Biological, and Chemical Consequences of …, 2006
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