Domagoj Kuić
Domagoj Kuić
Lecturer, Zagreb University of Applied Sciences
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Enzyme kinetics and the maximum entropy production principle
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Maximum information entropy principle and the interpretation of probabilities in statistical mechanics− a short review
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The frustration of being odd: resilience of the topological phases
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Ph. D. thesis (in Croatian), 2013
Simple Generalization of the Quantum Mechanical Virial Theorem for Nonrelativistic Systems with Rotational Symmetry
D Kuić
Physical Science International Journal 11 (2), 1-5, 2016
What is probability and what is then statistical mechanics?
D Kuić
Temeljna načela prediktivne statističke mehanike kao osnova za teoriju ireverzibilnosti
D Kuić
University of Zagreb. Faculty of Science. Department of Physics, 2013
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