Xiao-Tao Jiang
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Illumina sequencing of 16S rRNA tag revealed spatial variations of bacterial communities in a mangrove wetland
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BIPES, a cost-effective high-throughput method for assessing microbial diversity
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ARGs-OAP: online analysis pipeline for antibiotic resistance genes detection from metagenomic data using an integrated structured ARG-database
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Comammox in drinking water systems
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ARGs-OAP v2. 0 with an expanded SARG database and Hidden Markov Models for enhancement characterization and quantification of antibiotic resistance genes in environmental …
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Antibiotic-mediated changes in the fecal microbiome of broiler chickens define the incidence of antibiotic resistance genes
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Evaluation of a hybrid approach using UBLAST and BLASTX for metagenomic sequences annotation of specific functional genes
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Population dynamics of bulking and foaming bacteria in a full-scale wastewater treatment plant over five years
XT Jiang, F Guo, T Zhang
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MinION nanopore sequencing enables correlation between resistome phenotype and genotype of coliform bacteria in municipal sewage
Y Xia, AD Li, Y Deng, XT Jiang, LG Li, T Zhang
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Toward an intensive longitudinal understanding of activated sludge bacterial assembly and dynamics
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Erratum to: Stability of operational taxonomic units: an important but neglected property for analyzing microbial diversity
Y He, JG Caporaso, XT Jiang, HF Sheng, SM Huse, JR Rideout, ...
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High-resolution temporal and spatial patterns of Virome in wastewater treatment systems
Y Wang, X Jiang, L Liu, B Li, T Zhang
Environmental science & technology 52 (18), 10337-10346, 2018
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