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Andrea Zattoni
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Field-flow fractionation and biotechnology
P Reschiglian, A Zattoni, B Roda, E Michelini, A Roda
TRENDS in Biotechnology 23 (9), 475-483, 2005
Field-flow fractionation in bioanalysis: a review of recent trends
B Roda, A Zattoni, P Reschiglian, MH Moon, M Mirasoli, E Michelini, ...
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Energy transfer in fluorescent silica nanoparticles
M Montalti, L Prodi, N Zaccheroni, A Zattoni, P Reschiglian, G Falini
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Energy Transfer from Silica Core− Surfactant Shell Nanoparticles to Hosted Molecular Fluorophores†
E Rampazzo, S Bonacchi, R Juris, M Montalti, D Genovese, N Zaccheroni, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (45), 14605-14613, 2010
Asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation with multi-angle light scattering detection for the analysis of structured nanoparticles
A Zattoni, DC Rambaldi, P Reschiglian, M Melucci, S Krol, AMC Garcia, ...
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Analytical chemistry 74 (19), 4895-4904, 2002
On-line hollow-fiber flow field-flow fractionation-electrospray ionization/time-of-flight mass spectrometry of intact proteins
P Reschiglian, A Zattoni, B Roda, L Cinque, D Parisi, A Roda, F Dal Piaz, ...
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Flow field-flow fractionation for the analysis of nanoparticles used in drug delivery
A Zattoni, B Roda, F Borghi, V Marassi, P Reschiglian
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Hollow-fiber flow field-flow fractionation for whole bacteria analysis by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
P Reschiglian, A Zattoni, L Cinque, B Roda, F Dal Piaz, A Roda, ...
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In vitro amyloid Aβ1-42 peptide aggregation monitoring by asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation with multi-angle light scattering detection
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High performance, disposable hollow fiber flow field-flow fractionation for bacteria and cells. First application to deactivated Vibrio cholerae
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Flow field-flow fractionation: recent trends in protein analysis
DC Rambaldi, P Reschiglian, A Zattoni
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Standardless method for quantitative particle-size distribution studies by gravitational field-flow fractionation. Application to silica particles
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A tag‐less method of sorting stem cells from clinical specimens and separating mesenchymal from epithelial progenitor cells
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Cytometry Part B: Clinical Cytometry 76 (4), 285-290, 2009
Turbidimetric detection method in flow-assisted separation of dispersed samples
A Zattoni, E Loli Piccolomini, G Torsi, P Reschiglian
Analytical chemistry 75 (23), 6469-6477, 2003
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