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Alberto Pisoni
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Transcranial direct current stimulation over Broca's region improves phonemic and semantic fluency in healthy individuals
Z Cattaneo, A Pisoni, C Papagno
Neuroscience 183, 64-70, 2011
TDCS increases cortical excitability: direct evidence from TMS–EEG
LJR Lauro, M Rosanova, G Mattavelli, S Convento, A Pisoni, A Opitz, ...
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Cognitive enhancement induced by anodal tDCS drives circuit-specific cortical plasticity
A Pisoni, G Mattavelli, C Papagno, M Rosanova, AG Casali, ...
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Neural correlates of the semantic interference effect: New evidence from transcranial direct current stimulation
A Pisoni, C Papagno, Z Cattaneo
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Specific disgust processing in the left insula: new evidence from direct electrical stimulation
C Papagno, A Pisoni, G Mattavelli, A Casarotti, A Comi, F Fumagalli, ...
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Long-term proper name anomia after removal of the uncinate fasciculus
C Papagno, A Casarotti, A Comi, A Pisoni, F Lucchelli, A Bizzi, M Riva, ...
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Tracking the effect of cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation on cortical excitability and connectivity by means of TMS-EEG
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Modulation of negative emotions through anodal tDCS over the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex
A Vergallito, P Riva, A Pisoni, LJR Lauro
Neuropsychologia 119, 128-135, 2018
Separating recognition processes of declarative memory via anodal tDCS: boosting old item recognition by temporal and new item detection by parietal stimulation
A Pisoni, Z Turi, A Raithel, GG Ambrus, I Alekseichuk, A Schacht, ...
PLoS One 10 (3), e0123085, 2015
Guess who? Investigating the proper name processing network by means of tDCS
A Pisoni, M Vernice, L Iasevoli, Z Cattaneo, C Papagno
Neuropsychologia 66, 267-278, 2015
Safety of 5 kHz tACS
L Chaieb, A Antal, A Pisoni, C Saiote, A Opitz, GG Ambrus, N Focke, ...
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Keeping order in the brain: the supramarginal gyrus and serial order in short-term memory
G Guidali, A Pisoni, N Bolognini, C Papagno
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Deaf, blind or deaf-blind: Is touch enhanced?
C Papagno, C Cecchetto, A Pisoni, N Bolognini
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Consequences of brain tumour resection on emotion recognition
G Mattavelli, A Pisoni, A Casarotti, A Comi, G Sera, M Riva, A Bizzi, ...
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The role of the occipital face area in holistic processing involved in face detection and discrimination: A tDCS study.
C Renzi, C Ferrari, S Schiavi, A Pisoni, C Papagno, T Vecchi, A Antal, ...
Neuropsychology 29 (3), 409, 2015
The neural correlates of auditory-verbal short-term memory: a voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping study on 103 patients after glioma removal
A Pisoni, G Mattavelli, A Casarotti, A Comi, M Riva, L Bello, C Papagno
Brain Structure and Function 224 (6), 2199-2211, 2019
Localizing the effects of anodal tDCS at the level of cortical sources: A Reply to Bailey et al., 2015
LJ Romero Lauro, A Pisoni, M Rosanova, S Casarotto, G Mattavelli, ...
Bi-frontal transcranial alternating current stimulation in the ripple range reduced overnight forgetting
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Cortical dynamics underpinning the self-other distinction of touch: A TMS-EEG study
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Modulation of visual cortical excitability by working memory: effect of luminance contrast of mental imagery
Z Cattaneo, A Pisoni, C Papagno, J Silvanto
Frontiers in Psychology 2, 29, 2011
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