Axel Marchal
Axel Marchal
Université de Bordeaux, Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin, Unité de recherche Oenologie
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Identification of new natural sweet compounds in wine using centrifugal partition chromatography–gustatometry and fourier transform mass spectrometry
A Marchal, P Waffo-Téguo, E Génin, JM Mérillon, D Dubourdieu
Analytical chemistry 83 (24), 9629-9637, 2011
The complexity of wine: Clarifying the role of microorganisms
S Tempère, A Marchal, JC Barbe, M Bely, I Masneuf-Pomarede, P Marullo, ...
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 102, 3995-4007, 2018
Influence of Yeast Macromolecules on Sweetness in Dry Wines: Role of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Protein Hsp12
A Marchal, P Marullo, V Moine, D Dubourdieu
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 59 (5), 2004-2010, 2011
Gelatine thin films as biomimetic surfaces for silica particles formation
T Coradin, A Marchal, N Abdoul-Aribi, J Livage
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 44 (4), 191-196, 2005
Contribution of oak lignans to wine taste: chemical identification, sensory characterization and quantification
A Marchal, BN Cretin, L Sindt, P Waffo-Téguo, D Dubourdieu
Tetrahedron 71 (20), 3148-3156, 2015
Polyphenols from the stems of Morus alba and their inhibitory activity against nitric oxide production by lipopolysaccharide-activated microglia
C Rivière, S Krisa, L Péchamat, M Nassra, JC Delaunay, A Marchal, ...
Fitoterapia 97, 253-260, 2014
Influence of lactic acid bacteria strains on ester concentrations in red wines: Specific impact on branched hydroxylated compounds
M Gammacurta, G Lytra, A Marchal, S Marchand, JC Barbe, V Moine, ...
Food Chemistry 239, 252-259, 2018
New approach for differentiating Sessile and Pedunculate oak: development of a LC-HRMS method to quantitate triterpenoids in wood
A Marchal, A Prida, D Dubourdieu
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 64 (3), 618-626, 2016
Isolation and structure elucidation of bioactive compounds from the roots of the Tunisian Ononis angustissima L.
L Ghribi, P Waffo-Téguo, S Cluzet, A Marchal, J Marques, JM Mérillon, ...
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 25 (18), 3825-3830, 2015
Development of an analytical methodology using Fourier transform mass spectrometry to discover new structural analogs of wine natural sweeteners
A Marchal, E Génin, P Waffo-Téguo, A Bibès, G Da Costa, JM Mérillon, ...
Analytica Chimica Acta 853, 425-434, 2015
The antioxidant properties of new dimer and two monomers of phenolic acid amides isolated from Limoniastrum guyonianum
N Trabelsi, S Oueslati, R Ksouri, M Nassra, A Marchal, S Krisa, C Abdelly, ...
Food chemistry 146, 466-471, 2014
Contribution of oak wood ageing to the sweet perception of dry wines
A Marchal, A Pons, V Lavigne, D Dubourdieu
Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 19 (1), 11-19, 2013
Influence of ethanol content on sweetness and bitterness perception in dry wines
BN Cretin, D Dubourdieu, A Marchal
LWT 87, 61-66, 2018
How stereochemistry influences the taste of wine: Isolation, characterization and sensory evaluation of lyoniresinol stereoisomers
BN Cretin, Q Sallembien, L Sindt, N Daugey, T Buffeteau, P Waffo-Teguo, ...
Analytica Chimica Acta 888, 191-198, 2015
Triterpenoids from Quercus petraea: Identification in Wines and Spirits and Sensory Assessment
M Gammacurta, P Waffo-Teguo, D Winstel, BN Cretin, L Sindt, ...
Journal of natural products 82 (2), 265-275, 2019
Phytochemical study of the trunk bark of Citharexylum spinosum L. growing in Tunisia: Isolation and structure elucidation of iridoid glycosides
I Saidi, P Waffo-Téguo, AEL Ayeb-Zakhama, F Harzallah-Skhiri, ...
Phytochemistry 146, 47-55, 2018
Taste-Guided Isolation of Bitter Lignans from Quercus petraea and Their Identification in Wine
L Sindt, M Gammacurta, P Waffo-Teguo, D Dubourdieu, A Marchal
Journal of Natural Products 79 (10), 2432-2438, 2016
Synthesis of side-chain functionalised ligands for the generation of quartet receptor arrays via self-assembly of [2× 2] grid complexes
P Tielmann, A Marchal, JM Lehn
Tetrahedron letters 46 (37), 6349-6353, 2005
Taste-guided isolation of sweet-tasting compounds from grape seeds, structural elucidation and identification in wines
BN Cretin, P Waffo-Teguo, D Dubourdieu, A Marchal
Food chemistry 272, 388-395, 2019
Unambiguous Determination of the Absolute Configuration of Dimeric Stilbene Glucosides from the Rhizomes of Gnetum africanum
T Buffeteau, D Cavagnat, J Bisson, A Marchal, GD Kapche, I Battistini, ...
Journal of natural products 77 (8), 1981-1985, 2014
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