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Lorenzo Bomba
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The allelic landscape of human blood cell trait variation and links to common complex disease
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Gut response induced by weaning in piglet features marked changes in immune and inflammatory response
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Detecting population structure and recent demographic history in endangered livestock breeds: the case of the Italian autochthonous donkeys
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New insights on water buffalo genomic diversity and post-domestication migration routes from medium density SNP chip data
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Genome assembly and transcriptome resource for river buffalo, Bubalus bubalis (2n = 50)
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Relative extended haplotype homozygosity signals across breeds reveal dairy and beef specific signatures of selection
L Bomba, EL Nicolazzi, M Milanesi, R Negrini, G Mancini, F Biscarini, ...
Genetics Selection Evolution 47 (1), 1-14, 2015
Small effective population size and genetic homogeneity in the Val Borbera isolate
V Colonna, G Pistis, L Bomba, S Mona, G Matullo, R Boano, C Sala, ...
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Low levels of taurine introgression in the current Brazilian Nelore and Gir indicine cattle populations
AMP O’brien, D H÷ller, SA Boison, M Milanesi, L Bomba, YT Utsunomiya, ...
Genetics Selection Evolution 47 (1), 1-7, 2015
Revisiting AFLP fingerprinting for an unbiased assessment of genetic structure and differentiation of taurine and zebu cattle
YT Utsunomiya, L Bomba, G Lucente, L Colli, R Negrini, JA Lenstra, ...
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BITE: an R package for biodiversity analyses
M Milanesi, S Capomaccio, E Vajana, L Bomba, JF Garcia, ...
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Searching new signals for production traits through gene‐based association analysis in three Italian cattle breeds
S Capomaccio, M Milanesi, L Bomba, K Cappelli, EL Nicolazzi, ...
Animal genetics 46 (4), 361-370, 2015
Oregano dietary supplementation modifies the liver transcriptome profile in broilers: RNASeq analysis
M Sabino, S Capomaccio, K Cappelli, A Verini-Supplizi, L Bomba, ...
Research in veterinary science 117, 85-91, 2018
Genome-wide association analysis in Italian Simmental cows for lactation curve traits using a low-density (7K) SNP panel
NPP Macciotta, G Gaspa, L Bomba, D Vicario, C Dimauro, M Cellesi, ...
Journal of dairy science 98 (11), 8175-8185, 2015
Evaluation of circulating leukocyte transcriptome and its relationship with immune function and blood markers in dairy cows during the transition period
A Minuti, N Jahan, V Lopreiato, F Piccioli-Cappelli, L Bomba, ...
Functional & integrative genomics 20 (2), 293-305, 2020
The nutrigenomic investigation of C57BL/6N mice fed a short-term high-fat diet highlights early changes in clock genes expression
M Lizier, L Bomba, A Minuti, F Chegdani, J Capraro, B Tondelli, R Mazza, ...
Genes & nutrition 8 (5), 465-474, 2013
MUGBAS: a species free gene-based programme suite for post-GWAS analysis
S Capomaccio, M Milanesi, L Bomba, E Vajana, P Ajmone-Marsan
Bioinformatics 31 (14), 2380-2381, 2015
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