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Microstructure and dynamics of the water-in-oil CTAB/n-pentanol/n-hexane/water microemulsion: a spectroscopic and conductivity study
M Giustini, G Palazzo, G Colafemmina, M Della Monica, M Giomini, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 100 (8), 3190-3198, 1996
Role of the cosurfactant in the CTAB/water/n-pentanol/n-hexane water-in-oil microemulsion. 1. Pentanol effect on the microstructure
G Palazzo, F Lopez, M Giustini, G Colafemmina, A Ceglie
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (8), 1924-1931, 2003
Water diffusion and headgroup mobility in polymer-like reverse micelles: Evidence of a sphere-to-rod-to-sphere transition
R Angelico, G Palazzo, G Colafemmina, PA Cirkel, M Giustini, A Ceglie
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Interaction of doxorubicin with polynucleotides. A spectroscopic study
M Airoldi, G Barone, G Gennaro, AM Giuliani, M Giustini
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Lecithin microemulsion gels: an NMR study
D Capitani, E Rossi, AL Segre, M Giustini, PL Luisi
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Lecithin microemulsion gels: a NMR study of molecular mobility based on line widths
D Capitani, AL Segre, R Sparapani, M Giustini, R Scartazzini, PL Luisi
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Does the Schulman's titration of microemulsions really provide meaningful parameters?
M Giustini, S Murgia, G Palazzo
Langmuir 20 (18), 7381-7384, 2004
Management and long-term follow-up of early stage H. pylori-associated gastric MALT-lymphoma in clinical practice: an Italian, multicentre study
A Andriani, A Miedico, L Tedeschi, C Patti, F Di Raimondo, M Leone, ...
Digestive and Liver Disease 41 (7), 467-473, 2009
Tetrakis (thiadiazole) porphyrazines. 8. Singlet oxygen production, fluorescence response and liposomal incorporation of tetrakis (thiadiazole) porphyrazine macrocycles [TTDPzM …
MP Donzello, E Viola, M Giustini, C Ercolani, F Monacelli
Dalton Transactions 41 (20), 6112-6121, 2012
Small angle scattering and zeta potential of liposomes loaded with octa (carboranyl) porphyrazine
A Salvati, S Ristori, J Oberdisse, O Spalla, G Ricciardi, D Pietrangeli, ...
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The role of the cosurfactant in the CTAB/water/n-pentanol/n-hexane system: Pentanol effect on the phase equilibria and mesophase structure
G Palazzo, L Carbone, G Colafemmina, R Angelico, A Ceglie, M Giustini
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (7), 1423-1429, 2004
Tetra-2, 3-pyrazinoporphyrazines with externally appended pyridine rings. 6. Chemical and redox properties and highly effective photosensitizing activity for singlet oxygen …
MP Donzello, E Viola, C Bergami, D Dini, C Ercolani, M Giustini, ...
Inorganic chemistry 47 (19), 8757-8766, 2008
Cumulant analysis of charge recombination kinetics in bacterial reaction centers reconstituted into lipid vesicles
G Palazzo, A Mallardi, M Giustini, D Berti, G Venturoli
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Functionality of photosynthetic reaction centers in polyelectrolyte multilayers: toward an herbicide biosensor
A Mallardi, M Giustini, F Lopez, M Dezi, G Venturoli, G Palazzo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (12), 3304-3314, 2007
Influence of cardiolipin on the functionality of the QA site of the photosynthetic bacterial reaction center
M Giustini, F Castelli, I Husu, M Giomini, A Mallardi, G Palazzo
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Nanoemulsion: An advanced vehicle for efficient drug delivery
A Ali, VA Ansari, U Ahmad, J Akhtar, A Jahan
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A spectroscopic study of poly (dA–dT)· poly (dA–dT) in microemulsions
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Wormlike reverse micelles in lecithin/bile salt/water mixtures in oil
J Cautela, M Giustini, NV Pavel, G Palazzo, L Galantini
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On the self-assembly of a tryptophan labeled deoxycholic acid
L Travaglini, M Gubitosi, MC di Gregorio, NV Pavel, A D'Annibale, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (36), 19492-19504, 2014
Binding of ubiquinone to photosynthetic reaction centers. 2. Determination of enthalpy and entropy changes for the binding to the QA site in reverse micelles
A Mallardi, M Giustini, G Palazzo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 102 (45), 9168-9173, 1998
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