Uyenlinh Mirshahi, PhD
Uyenlinh Mirshahi, PhD
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A Protein-Truncating HSD17B13 Variant and Protection from Chronic Liver Disease
NS Abul-Husn, X Cheng, AH Li, Y Xin, C Schurmann, P Stevis, Y Liu, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 378 (12), 1096-1106, 2018
The Geisinger MyCode community health initiative: an electronic health record–linked biobank for precision medicine research
DJ Carey, SN Fetterolf, FD Davis, WA Faucett, HL Kirchner, U Mirshahi, ...
Genetics in medicine 18 (9), 906-913, 2016
High allelic burden of four obesity SNPs is associated with poorer weight loss outcomes following gastric bypass surgery
CD Still, GC Wood, X Chu, R Erdman, CH Manney, PN Benotti, AT Petrick, ...
Obesity 19 (8), 1676-1683, 2011
Weight-independent effects of roux-en-Y gastric bypass on glucose homeostasis via melanocortin-4 receptors in mice and humans
JF Zechner, UL Mirshahi, S Satapati, ED Berglund, J Rossi, MM Scott, ...
Gastroenterology 144 (3), 580-590. e7, 2013
The MC4R(I251L) Allele Is Associated with Better Metabolic Status and More Weight Loss after Gastric Bypass Surgery
UL Mirshahi, CD Still, KK Masker, GS Gerhard, DJ Carey, T Mirshahi
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 96 (12), E2088-E2096, 2011
Genetic inactivation of ANGPTL4 improves glucose homeostasis and is associated with reduced risk of diabetes
V Gusarova, C O’Dushlaine, TM Teslovich, PN Benotti, T Mirshahi, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-11, 2018
Coassembly of different sulfonylurea receptor subtypes extends the phenotypic diversity of ATP-sensitive potassium (KATP) channels
A Wheeler, C Wang, K Yang, K Fang, K Davis, AM Styer, U Mirshahi, ...
Molecular pharmacology 74 (5), 1333-1344, 2008
Synergistic roles for G-protein γ3 and γ7 subtypes in seizure susceptibility as revealed in double knock-out mice
WF Schwindinger, UL Mirshahi, KA Baylor, KM Sheridan, AM Stauffer, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (10), 7121-7133, 2012
Long-term weight-loss in gastric bypass patients carrying melanocortin 4 receptor variants
BS Moore, UL Mirshahi, EA Yost, AN Stepanchick, MD Bedrin, AM Styer, ...
PloS one 9 (4), 2014
Arachidonic acid activates Kir2. 3 channels by enhancing channel-phosphatidyl-inositol 4, 5-bisphosphate interactions
C Wang, UL Mirshahi, B Liu, Z Jia, T Mirshahi, H Zhang
Molecular pharmacology 73 (4), 1185-1194, 2008
A conserved mechanism for gating in an ionotropic glutamate receptor
BS Moore, UL Mirshahi, TL Ebersole, T Mirshahi
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (26), 18842-18852, 2013
G protein βγ gating confers volatile anesthetic inhibition to Kir3 channels
AM Styer, UL Mirshahi, C Wang, L Girard, T Jin, DE Logothetis, T Mirshahi
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (53), 41290-41299, 2010
A loss of function variant in CASP7 protects against Alzheimer’s disease in homozygous APOE ε4 allele carriers
KL Ayers, UL Mirshahi, AH Wardeh, MF Murray, K Hao, BS Glicksberg, ...
BMC genomics 17 (2), 445, 2016
Mutations in NPC1L1 and coronary heart disease
G Silbernagel, I Baumgartner, W Mrz
New England journal of medicine NEJM 372 (9), 882, 2015
Trajectory of exonic variant discovery in a large clinical population: implications for variant curation
UL Mirshahi, JZ Luo, K Manickam, AH Wardeh, T Mirshahi, MF Murray, ...
Genetics in Medicine 21 (6), 1417-1424, 2019
Functional Invalidation of Putative Sudden Infant Death Syndrome–Associated Variants in the KCNH2-Encoded Kv11.1 Channel
JL Smith, DJ Tester, AR Hall, DE Burgess, CC Hsu, S Claude Elayi, ...
Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology 11 (5), e005859, 2018
Predictive value of genomic screening: cross-sectional study of cystic fibrosis in 50,788 electronic health records
JP Sugunaraj, HM Brosius, MF Murray, K Manickam, JA Stamm, DJ Carey, ...
NPJ genomic medicine 4 (1), 1-9, 2019
Employment Cost Index, Historical Listing–Volume V: Continuous Occupational and Industry Series: September 1975-December 2017. Table 4: employment cost index for total…
EJ Benjamin, P Muntner, A Alonso, MS Bittencourt, CW Callaway, ...
Circulation 139 (10), e56-e528, 2019
238-LB: Prevalence of GCK-MODY in 92,412 Exomes from an Unselected Clinical Population
UL Mirshahi, JM Goehringer, Y Hu, AH Wardeh, J Williams, CB Manney, ...
Diabetes 68 (Supplement 1), 238-LB, 2019
Combining Population Whole Exome Sequencing and Functional Analysis to Detect LQT1
CM Hartle, JZ Luo, AN Stepanchick, UL Mirshahi, DN Hartzel, ...
Biophysical Journal 114 (3), 123a, 2018
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