Hsin-Hua Lai
Hsin-Hua Lai
Physics and Astronomy Department, Rice University
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Weyl–Kondo semimetal in heavy-fermion systems
HH Lai, SE Grefe, S Paschen, Q Si
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (1), 93-97, 2018
Giant spontaneous Hall effect in a nonmagnetic Weyl–Kondo semimetal
S Dzsaber, X Yan, M Taupin, G Eguchi, A Prokofiev, T Shiroka, P Blaha, ...
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HH Lai
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SU (2)-invariant Majorana spin liquid with stable parton Fermi surfaces in an exactly solvable model
HH Lai, OI Motrunich
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HH Lai, OI Motrunich
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HH Lai, K Yang
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Possible spin liquid states with parton Fermi surfaces in the SU (3) ring-exchange model on the triangular lattice
HH Lai
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Spatial trends of noncollinear exchange coupling mediated by itinerant carriers with different Fermi surfaces
HH Lai, WM Huang, HH Lin
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Spin-isotropic continuum of spin excitations in antiferromagnetically ordered
Y Song, X Lu, LP Regnault, Y Su, HH Lai, WJ Hu, Q Si, P Dai
Physical Review B 97 (2), 024519, 2018
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