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High-Level Production of the Low-Calorie Sugar Sorbitol by Lactobacillus plantarum through Metabolic Engineering
V Ladero, A Ramos, A Wiersma, P Goffin, A Schanck, M Kleerebezem, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 73 (6), 1864-1872, 2007
Microbial heterogeneity affects bioprocess robustness: Dynamic single‐cell analysis contributes to understanding of microbial populations
F Delvigne, P Goffin
Biotechnology journal 9 (1), 61-72, 2014
Improved adaptation to heat, cold, and solvent tolerance in Lactobacillus plantarum
D Fiocco, V Capozzi, P Goffin, P Hols, G Spano
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 77, 909-915, 2007
Characterization and Functional Analysis of the poxB Gene, Which Encodes Pyruvate Oxidase in Lactobacillus plantarum
F Lorquet, P Goffin, L Muscariello, JB Baudry, V Ladero, M Sacco, ...
Journal of Bacteriology 186 (12), 3749-3759, 2004
Lactate Racemization as a Rescue Pathway for Supplying d-Lactate to the Cell Wall Biosynthesis Machinery in Lactobacillus plantarum
P Goffin, M Deghorain, JL Mainardi, I Tytgat, MC Champomier-Verges, ...
Journal of Bacteriology 187 (19), 6750-6761, 2005
Lactate racemase is a nickel-dependent enzyme activated by a widespread maturation system
B Desguin, P Goffin, E Viaene, M Kleerebezem, V Martin-Diaconescu, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 3615, 2014
Mechanism of competence activation by the ComRS signalling system in streptococci
L Fontaine, P Goffin, H Dubout, B Delplace, A Baulard, N Lecat‐Guillet, ...
Molecular microbiology 87 (6), 1113-1132, 2013
Understanding the physiology of Lactobacillus plantarum at zero growth
P Goffin, B Van De Bunt, M Giovane, JHJ Leveau, S Höppener‐Ogawa, ...
Molecular systems biology 6 (1), 413, 2010
Major Role of NAD-Dependent Lactate Dehydrogenases in Aerobic Lactate Utilization in Lactobacillus plantarum during Early Stationary Phase
P Goffin, F Lorquet, M Kleerebezem, P Hols
Journal of bacteriology 186 (19), 6661-6666, 2004
Involvement of Pyruvate Oxidase Activity and Acetate Production in the Survival of Lactobacillus plantarum during the Stationary Phase of Aerobic Growth
P Goffin, L Muscariello, F Lorquet, A Stukkens, D Prozzi, M Sacco, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 72 (12), 7933-7940, 2006
Control of acute, chronic, and constitutive hyperammonemia by wild‐type and genetically engineered Lactobacillus plantarum in rodents
C Nicaise, D Prozzi, E Viaene, C Moreno, T Gustot, E Quertinmont, ...
Hepatology 48 (4), 1184-1192, 2008
Selectivity for d-Lactate Incorporation into the Peptidoglycan Precursors of Lactobacillus plantarum: Role of Aad, a VanX-Like d-Alanyl-d-Alanine Dipeptidase
M Deghorain, P Goffin, L Fontaine, JL Mainardi, R Daniel, J Errington, ...
Journal of bacteriology 189 (11), 4332-4337, 2007
The human Golgi protein TMEM165 transports calcium and manganese in yeast and bacterial cells
J Stribny, L Thines, A Deschamps, P Goffin, P Morsomme
Journal of Biological Chemistry 295 (12), 3865-3874, 2020
Probing the genome-scale metabolic landscape of Bordetella pertussis, the causative agent of whooping cough
F Branco dos Santos, BG Olivier, J Boele, V Smessaert, P De Rop, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 83 (21), e01528-17, 2017
Enantioselective regulation of lactate racemization by LarR in Lactobacillus plantarum
B Desguin, P Goffin, N Bakouche, A Diman, E Viaene, D Dandoy, ...
Journal of bacteriology 197 (1), 219-230, 2015
High‐yield production of recombinant CRM197, a non‐toxic mutant of diphtheria toxin, in the periplasm of Escherichia coli
P Goffin, M Dewerchin, P De Rop, N Blais, P Dehottay
Biotechnology journal 12 (7), 1700168, 2017
Complete Genome Sequence of Escherichia coli BLR(DE3), a recA-Deficient Derivative of E. coli BL21(DE3)
P Goffin, P Dehottay
Genome announcements 5 (22), e00441-17, 2017
Expression system
N Blais, PMH Dehottay, M Dewerchin, P Goffin, D Martin
US Patent 9,422,345, 2016
A versatile, non genetically modified organism (GMO)‐based strategy for controlling low‐producer mutants in Bordetella pertussis cultures using antigenic modulation
P Goffin, T Slock, V Smessaert, P De Rop, P Dehottay
Biotechnology Journal 10 (8), 1269-1280, 2015
Fermentation process
PMH Dehottay, P Goffin
US Patent 9,346,861, 2016
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