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Mesoamerican origin of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is revealed by sequence data
E Bitocchi, L Nanni, E Bellucci, M Rossi, A Giardini, PS Zeuli, G Logozzo, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (14), E788-E796, 2012
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E Bitocchi, E Bellucci, A Giardini, D Rau, M Rodriguez, E Biagetti, ...
New Phytologist 197 (1), 300-313, 2013
Beans (Phaseolus ssp.) as a Model for Understanding Crop Evolution
E Bitocchi, D Rau, E Bellucci, M Rodriguez, ML Murgia, T Gioia, D Santo, ...
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Beans in Europe: origin and structure of the European landraces of Phaseolus vulgaris L.
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Genomics of Origin, Domestication and Evolution of Phaseolus vulgaris
E Bellucci, E Bitocchi, D Rau, M Rodriguez, E Biagetti, A Giardini, ...
Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources: Volume 1. Managing, sequencing andá…, 2014
Decreased nucleotide and expression diversity and modified coexpression patterns characterize domestication in the common bean
E Bellucci, E Bitocchi, A Ferrarini, A Benazzo, E Biagetti, S Klie, A Minio, ...
The Plant Cell 26 (5), 1901-1912, 2014
Genetic diversity and structure of a worldwide collection of Phaseolus coccineus L.
G Spataro, B Tiranti, P Arcaleni, E Bellucci, G Attene, R Papa, ...
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Cytogenetic map of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
A Fonsŕca, J Ferreira, TRB dos Santos, M Mosiolek, E Bellucci, J Kami, ...
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Tagging the Signatures of Domestication in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) by Means of Pooled DNA Samples
R Papa, E Bellucci, M Rossi, S Leonardi, D Rau, P Gepts, L Nanni, ...
Annals of Botany 100 (5), 1039-1051, 2007
Landscape genetics, adaptive diversity and population structure in Phaseolus vulgaris
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Introgression from modern hybrid varieties into landrace populations of maize (Zea mays ssp. mays L.) in central Italy
E Bitocchi, L Nanni, M Rossi, D Rau, E Bellucci, A Giardini, A Buonamici, ...
Molecular Ecology 18 (4), 603-621, 2009
Population structure of barley landrace populations and gene-flow with modern varieties
E Bellucci, E Bitocchi, D Rau, L Nanni, N Ferradini, A Giardini, ...
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Evidence for Introduction Bottleneck and Extensive Inter-Gene Pool (Mesoamerica x Andes) Hybridization in the European Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris Lá…
T Gioia, G Logozzo, G Attene, E Bellucci, S Benedettelli, V Negri, R Papa, ...
PLoS One 8 (10), e75974, 2013
Nucleotide diversity of a genomic sequence similar to SHATTERPROOF (PvSHP1) in domesticated and wild common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
L Nanni, E Bitocchi, E Bellucci, M Rossi, D Rau, G Attene, P Gepts, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 123, 1341-1357, 2011
Genomic dissection of pod shattering in common bean: mutations at non‐orthologous loci at the basis of convergent phenotypic evolution under domestication of leguminous species
D Rau, ML Murgia, M Rodriguez, E Bitocchi, E Bellucci, D Fois, D Albani, ...
The Plant Journal 97 (4), 693-714, 2019
A comprehensive phenotypic investigation of the “pod-shattering syndrome” in common bean
ML Murgia, G Attene, M Rodriguez, E Bitocchi, E Bellucci, D Fois, L Nanni, ...
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Chloroplast Microsatellite Diversity in Phaseolus vulgaris
F Desiderio, E Bitocchi, E Bellucci, D Rau, M Rodriguez, G Attene, R Papa, ...
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Convergent evolution of the seed shattering trait
V Di Vittori, T Gioia, M Rodriguez, E Bellucci, E Bitocchi, L Nanni, G Attene, ...
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Pod indehiscence in common bean is associated with the fine regulation of PvMYB26
V Di Vittori, E Bitocchi, M Rodriguez, S Alseekh, E Bellucci, L Nanni, ...
Journal of experimental botany 72 (5), 1617-1633, 2021
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