Matteo Alvaro
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EosFit7c and a Fortran module (library) for equation of state calculations
RJ Angel, M Alvaro, J Gonzalez-Platas
Zeitschrift fŘr Kristallographie-Crystalline Materials 229 (5), 405-419, 2014
EosFit7-GUI: a new graphical user interface for equation of state calculations, analyses and teaching
J Gonzalez-Platas, M Alvaro, F Nestola, R Angel
Journal of Applied Crystallography 49 (4), 1377-1382, 2016
Geobarometry from host-inclusion systems: the role of elastic relaxation
RJ Angel, ML Mazzucchelli, M Alvaro, P Nimis, F Nestola
American Mineralogist 99 (10), 2146-2149, 2014
How large are departures from lithostatic pressure? Constraints from host–inclusion elasticity
RJ Angel, P Nimis, ML Mazzucchelli, M Alvaro, F Nestola
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 33 (8), 801-813, 2015
Diamond thermoelastic properties and implications for determining the pressure of formation of diamond-inclusion systems
RJ Angel, M Alvaro, F Nestola, ML Mazzucchelli
Russian Geology and Geophysics 56 (1-2), 211-220, 2015
Strong inheritance of texture between perovskite and post-perovskite in the D′′ layer
DP Dobson, N Miyajima, F Nestola, M Alvaro, N Casati, C Liebske, ...
Nature Geoscience 6 (7), 575, 2013
Thermal expansion and high-temperature P21/cC2/c phase transition in clinopyroxene-type LiFeGe2O6 and comparison to NaFe(Si,Ge)2O6
GJ Redhammer, F Cßmara, M Alvaro, F Nestola, G Tippelt, S Prinz, ...
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 37 (10), 685-704, 2010
HTP21/cC2/c phase transition and kinetics of Fe2+–Mg order–disorder of an Fe-poor pigeonite: implications for the cooling history of ureilites
M Alvaro, F Cßmara, MC Domeneghetti, F Nestola, V Tazzoli
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 162 (3), 599-613, 2011
First evidence of hydrous silicic fluid films around solid inclusions in gem-quality diamonds
P Nimis, M Alvaro, F Nestola, RJ Angel, K Marquardt, G Rustioni, ...
Lithos 260, 384-389, 2016
Diamond–garnet geobarometry: The role of garnet compressibility and expansivity
S Milani, F Nestola, M Alvaro, D Pasqual, ML Mazzucchelli, ...
Lithos 227, 140-147, 2015
CaSiO3 perovskite in diamond indicates the recycling of oceanic crust into the lower mantle
F Nestola, N Korolev, M Kopylova, N Rotiroti, DG Pearson, MG Pamato, ...
Nature 555 (7695), 237, 2018
High-pressure phase transition of a natural pigeonite
M Alvaro, F Nestola, TB Ballaran, F Cßmara, MC Domeneghetti, V Tazzoli
American Mineralogist 95 (2-3), 300-311, 2010
Structural characterization of natural diamond shocked to 60 GPa; implications for Earth and planetary systems
AP Jones, PF McMillan, CG Salzmann, M Alvaro, F Nestola, M Prencipe, ...
Lithos 265, 214-221, 2016
Tetragonal Almandine-Pyrope Phase, TAPP: finally a name for it, the new mineral jeffbenite
F Nestola, AD Burnham, L Peruzzo, L Tauro, M Alvaro, MJ Walter, ...
Mineralogical Magazine 80 (7), 1219-1232, 2016
Elastic geothermobarometry: Corrections for the geometry of the host-inclusion system
ML Mazzucchelli, P Burnley, RJ Angel, S Morganti, MC Domeneghetti, ...
Geology 46 (3), 231-234, 2018
EosFit-Pinc: A simple GUI for host-inclusion elastic thermobarometry
RJ Angel, ML Mazzucchelli, M Alvaro, F Nestola
American Mineralogist 102 (9), 1957-1960, 2017
Thermal history of nakhlites: A comparison between MIL 03346 and its terrestrial analogue Theo’s flow
MC Domeneghetti, AM Fioretti, F Cßmara, C McCammon, M Alvaro
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 121, 571-581, 2013
Volume thermal expansion along the jadeite–diopside join
F Pandolfo, F Cßmara, MC Domeneghetti, M Alvaro, F Nestola, SI Karato, ...
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 42 (1), 1-14, 2015
Thermoelastic behavior and dehydration process of cancrinite
GD Gatta, D Comboni, M Alvaro, P Lotti, F Cßmara, MC Domeneghetti
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 41 (5), 373-386, 2014
Phase stability, elastic behavior, and pressure-induced structural evolution of kalsilite: A ceramic material and high-T/high-P mineral
GD Gatta, RJ Angel, J Zhao, M Alvaro, N Rotiroti, MA Carpenter
American Mineralogist 96 (8-9), 1363-1372, 2011
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