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The distribution of genes in the human genome
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Biological role of D-amino acid oxidase and D-aspartate oxidase. Effects of D-amino acids.
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The compositional properties of human genes
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Toward an assessment on the taxonomy of dinoflagellates that produce calcareous cysts (Calciodinelloideae, Dinophyceae): a morphological and molecular approach
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A universal compositional correlation among codon positions
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Translational Selection on Codon Usage in Xenopus laevis
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Molecular phylogeny of bony fishes, based on the amino acid sequence of the growth hormone
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The base composition of the genes is correlated with the secondary structures of the encoded proteins
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DNA turnover in rat cerebral cortex
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Base composition and expression level of human genes
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Evolutionary genomics of vertebrates and its implications
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Expression patterns and gene distribution in the human genome
G D'Onofrio
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Specific compositional patterns of synonymous positions in homologous mammalian genes
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Nonrandom frequency patterns of synonymous substitutions in homologous mammalian genes
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Correlations of nucleotide substitution rates and base composition of mammalian coding sequences with protein structure
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Effect of pH, salinity and Ca2+, Mg2+, K+ and SO42+ ions on hatching and viability of Loligo vulgaris embryo
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How fast is the sessile ciona?
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Comparative and functional genomics 2009, 2009
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