Paul H Davis
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KJ Gaffney, PH Davis, IR Piletic, NE Levinger, MD Fayer
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BL Cannon, DL Kellis, PH Davis, J Lee, W Kuang, WL Hughes, ...
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Medium Effects on the Direct Cis− Trans Photoisomerization of 1, 4-Diphenyl-1, 3-butadiene in Solution
J Saltiel, TRS Krishna, K Laohhasurayotin, Y Ren, K Phipps, PH Davis, ...
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The sp2-sp3 carbon hybridization content of nanocrystalline graphite from pyrolyzed vegetable oil, comparison of electrochemistry and physical properties with other carbon …
H Kabir, H Zhu, J May, K Hamal, Y Kan, T Williams, E Echeverria, ...
Carbon 144, 831-840, 2019
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DNA-templated aggregates of strongly coupled cyanine dyes: nonradiative decay governs exciton lifetimes
JS Huff, PH Davis, A Christy, DL Kellis, N Kandadai, ZSD Toa, ...
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CM Efaw, T da Silva, PH Davis, L Li, E Graugnard, MF Hurley
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An all-optical excitonic switch operated in the liquid and solid phases
DL Kellis, C Sarter, BL Cannon, PH Davis, E Graugnard, J Lee, ...
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Modeling and analysis of intercalant effects on circular DNA conformation
E Krueger, J Shim, A Fathizadeh, AN Chang, B Subei, KM Yocham, ...
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Synthesis and stabilization of colloidal gold nanoparticle suspensions for SERS
PH Davis, CP Morrisey, SMV Tuley, CI Bingham
Localized deformation in Ni-Mn-Ga single crystals
PH Davis, CM Efaw, LK Patten, C Hollar, CS Watson, WB Knowlton, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 123 (21), 215102, 2018
Phase separation in Ti-6Al-4V alloys with boron additions for biomedical applications: scanning kelvin probe force microscopy investigation of microgalvanic couples and …
PH Davis, K Robles, K Livingston, S Johns, VA Ravi, E Graugnard, ...
JOM 69 (8), 1446-1454, 2017
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