Angela Zampella
Angela Zampella
Professore di Chimica Organica, Federico II
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Callipeltin A, an anti-HIV cyclic depsipeptide from the New Caledonian Lithistida sponge Callipelta sp.
A Zampella, MV D'Auria, LG Paloma, A Casapullo, L Minale, C Debitus, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 118 (26), 6202-6209, 1996
Callipeltoside A:  A Cytotoxic Aminodeoxy Sugar-Containing Macrolide of a New Type from the Marine Lithistida Sponge Callipelta sp.
A Zampella, MV D'Auria, L Minale, C Debitus, C Roussakis
Journal of the American Chemical Society 118 (45), 11085-11088, 1996
Callipeltosides B and C, two novel cytotoxic glycoside macrolides from a marine lithistida sponge Callipelta sp.
A Zampella, MV D'Auria, L Minale, C Debitus
Tetrahedron 53 (9), 3243-3248, 1997
Bile acids activated receptors regulate innate immunity
S Fiorucci, M Biagioli, A Zampella, E Distrutti
Frontiers in immunology 9, 1853, 2018
Homophymine A, an Anti-HIV Cyclodepsipeptide from the Sponge Homophymia sp.
A Zampella, V Sepe, P Luciano, F Bellotta, MC Monti, MV D’Auria, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 73 (14), 5319-5327, 2008
Callipeltins B and C; bioactive peptides from a marine Lithistida sponge Callipelta sp
MV D'Auria, A Zampella, LG Paloma, L Minale, C Debitus, C Roussakis, ...
Tetrahedron 52 (28), 9589-9596, 1996
New Jaspamide Derivatives from the Marine Sponge Jaspis splendans Collected in Vanuatu
A Zampella, C Giannini, C Debitus, C Roussakis, MV D'Auria
Journal of natural products 62 (2), 332-334, 1999
Farnesoid X receptor agonist for the treatment of liver and metabolic disorders: focus on 6-ethyl-CDCA
S Fiorucci, S Cipriani, A Mencarelli, F Baldelli, G Bifulco, A Zampella
Mini reviews in medicinal chemistry 11 (9), 753-762, 2011
The bile acid receptor GPBAR1 regulates the M1/M2 phenotype of intestinal macrophages and activation of GPBAR1 rescues mice from murine colitis
M Biagioli, A Carino, S Cipriani, D Francisci, S Marchianò, P Scarpelli, ...
The Journal of Immunology 199 (2), 718-733, 2017
Quantitative NMR-Derived Interproton Distances Combined with Quantum Mechanical Calculations of 13C Chemical Shifts in the Stereochemical Determination of …
MG Chini, CR Jones, A Zampella, MV D’Auria, B Renga, S Fiorucci, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 77 (3), 1489-1496, 2012
Structures of microfilament destabilizing toxins bound to actin provide insight into toxin design and activity
JS Allingham, A Zampella, MV D'Auria, I Rayment
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (41), 14527-14532, 2005
Discovery of sulfated sterols from marine invertebrates as a new class of marine natural antagonists of farnesoid-X-receptor
V Sepe, G Bifulco, B Renga, C D’Amore, S Fiorucci, A Zampella
Journal of medicinal chemistry 54 (5), 1314-1320, 2011
Reidispongiolide A and B, two new potent cytotoxic macrolides from the New Caledonian sponge Reidispongia coerulea
MV D'Auria, LG Paloma, L Minale, A Zampella, JF Verbist, C Roussakis, ...
Tetrahedron 50 (16), 4829-4834, 1994
Solomonamides A and B, New Anti-inflammatory Peptides from Theonella swinhoei
C Festa, S De Marino, V Sepe, MV D’Auria, G Bifulco, C Débitus, M Bucci, ...
Organic letters 13 (6), 1532-1535, 2011
Isolation of callipeltins A–C and of two new open-chain derivatives of callipeltin A from the marine sponge Latrunculia sp. A revision of the stereostructure of callipeltins
A Zampella, A Randazzo, N Borbone, S Luciani, L Trevisi, C Debitus, ...
Tetrahedron letters 43 (35), 6163-6166, 2002
Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of potent dual agonists of nuclear and membrane bile acid receptors
C D’Amore, FS Di Leva, V Sepe, B Renga, C Del Gaudio, MV D’Auria, ...
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Superstolide A: A potent cytotoxic macrolide of a new type from the New Caledonian deep water marine sponge Neosiphonia superstes
MV D'Auria, C Debitus, LG Paloma, L Minale, A Zampella
Journal of the American Chemical Society 116 (15), 6658-6663, 1994
Discovery that theonellasterol a marine sponge sterol is a highly selective FXR antagonist that protects against liver injury in cholestasis
B Renga, A Mencarelli, C D'Amore, S Cipriani, MV D'Auria, V Sepe, ...
PLoS One 7 (1), e30443, 2012
Theonellasterols and Conicasterols from Theonella swinhoei. Novel Marine Natural Ligands for Human Nuclear Receptors
S De Marino, R Ummarino, MV D’Auria, MG Chini, G Bifulco, B Renga, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 54 (8), 3065-3075, 2011
Perthamides C and D, two new potent anti-inflammatory cyclopeptides from a Solomon Lithistid sponge Theonella swinhoei
C Festa, S De Marino, V Sepe, MC Monti, P Luciano, MV d'Auria, ...
Tetrahedron 65 (50), 10424-10429, 2009
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