Federico Chianese
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Single photon detection in NbRe superconducting microstrips
M Ejrnaes, C Cirillo, D Salvoni, F Chianese, C Bruscino, P Ercolano, ...
Applied Physics Letters 121 (26), 2022
Novel thienyl DPP derivatives functionalized with terminal electron‐acceptor groups: synthesis, optical properties and OFET performance
S Fusco, M Barra, L Gontrani, M Bonomo, F Chianese, S Galliano, ...
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F Chianese, A Candini, M Affronte, N Mishra, C Coletti, A Cassinese
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Suppression of the morphology mismatch at graphene/n-type organic semiconductor interfaces: a scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy investigation
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Evaluating the use of graphene electrodes in sub-micrometric, high-frequency n-type organic transistors
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P Ercolano, C Cirillo, M Ejrnaes, F Chianese, D Salvoni, C Bruscino, ...
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Homocysteine Solution-Induced Response in Aerosol Jet Printed OECTs by Means of Gold and Platinum Gate Electrodes
P D’Angelo, M Barra, P Lombari, A Coppola, D Vurro, G Tarabella, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (21), 11507, 2021
Space-charge accumulation and band bending at conductive P3HT/PDIF-CN 2 interfaces investigated by scanning-Kelvin probe microscopy
F Chianese, S Fusco, M Barra, F Chiarella, A Carella, A Cassinese
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9 (47), 17143-17151, 2021
Fabrication and characterization of nanoscale n-channel (PDI8-CN2) organic two-terminal planar devices
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Improving the electrical performance of PDI8-CN2 bottom-gate coplanar organic thin-film transistors
L Parlato, E Sarnelli, A Cassinese, F Chianese, F Chiarella, C Nappi, ...
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Ultralow 1/f noise in epigraphene devices
N Shetty, F Chianese, H He, J Huhtasaari, S Ghasemi, K Moth-Poulsen, ...
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Investigation of NbRe for superconducting microstrips single photon detectors
L Parlato, C Cirillo, D Salvoni, C Bruscino, P Ercolano, F Chianese, ...
Quantum Optics and Photon Counting 2023 12570, 39-45, 2023
Molecular Doping of CVD-Graphene Surfaces by Perfluoroalkyl-Substituted Perylene Diimides Derivatives
F Chianese, L Aversa, R Verucchi, A Cassinese
Nanomaterials 12 (23), 4239, 2022
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