Stefano Lai
Stefano Lai
PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Cagliari
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Ultralow voltage, OTFT‐based sensor for label‐free DNA detection
S Lai, M Demelas, G Casula, P Cosseddu, M Barbaro, A Bonfiglio
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Ultra-low voltage, organic thin film transistors fabricated on plastic substrates by a highly reproducible process
P Cosseddu, S Lai, M Barbaro, A Bonfiglio
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Charge sensing by organic charge-modulated field effect transistors: Application to the detection of bio-related effects
M Demelas, S Lai, A Spanu, S Martinoia, P Cosseddu, M Barbaro, ...
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Ultra-conformable Organic Field-Effect Transistors and circuits for epidermal electronic applications
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An organic, charge-modulated field effect transistor for DNA detection
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Ultralow voltage pressure sensors based on organic FETs and compressible capacitors
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T Cramer, L Travaglini, S Lai, L Patruno, S De Miranda, A Bonfiglio, ...
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P Cosseddu, F Viola, S Lai, L Raffo, A Bonfiglio
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A comparison between two diagnostic tools based on automata and Petri nets
S Lai, D Nessi, MP Cabasino, A Giua, C Seatzu
2008 9th International Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, 144-149, 2008
A Highly Sensitive, Direct X‐Ray Detector Based on a Low‐Voltage Organic Field‐Effect Transistor
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Advanced Functional Materials 29 (21), 1806119, 2019
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S Lai, M Barbaro, A Bonfiglio
Applied Physics Letters 107 (10), 86_1, 2015
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