Sebastiano Bellani
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A polymer optoelectronic interface restores light sensitivity in blind rat retinas
D Ghezzi, MR Antognazza, R Maccarone, S Bellani, E Lanzarini, ...
Nature Photonics 7 (5), 400, 2013
Organic photoelectrochemical cells with quantitative photocarrier conversion
A Guerrero, M Haro, S Bellani, MR Antognazza, L Meda, S Gimenez, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (11), 3666-3673, 2014
Hybrid organic–inorganic H 2-evolving photocathodes: understanding the route towards high performance organic photoelectrochemical water splitting
F Fumagalli, S Bellani, M Schreier, S Leonardi, HC Rojas, A Ghadirzadeh, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (6), 2178-2187, 2016
Polymer-based photocathodes with a solution-processable cuprous iodide anode layer and a polyethyleneimine protective coating
HC Rojas, S Bellani, F Fumagalli, G Tullii, S Leonardi, MT Mayer, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (12), 3710-3723, 2016
Reversible P3HT/oxygen charge transfer complex identification in thin films exposed to direct contact with water
S Bellani, D Fazzi, P Bruno, E Giussani, EV Canesi, G Lanzani, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (12), 6291-6299, 2014
Hybrid organic/inorganic nanostructures for highly sensitive photoelectrochemical detection of dissolved oxygen in aqueous media
S Bellani, A Ghadirzadeh, L Meda, A Savoini, A Tacca, G Marra, R Meira, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (28), 4531-4538, 2015
MoS2 Quantum Dot/Graphene Hybrids for Advanced Interface Engineering of a CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cell with an Efficiency of over 20%
L Najafi, B Taheri, B Martin-Garcia, S Bellani, D Di Girolamo, A Agresti, ...
ACS nano 12 (11), 10736-10754, 2018
Solution-Processed Hybrid Graphene Flake/2H-MoS2 Quantum Dot Heterostructures for Efficient Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution
L Najafi, S Bellani, B Martn-Garca, R Oropesa-Nuñez, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (14), 5782-5786, 2017
Few-layer MoS 2 flakes as a hole-selective layer for solution-processed hybrid organic hydrogen-evolving photocathodes
S Bellani, L Najafi, A Capasso, AEDR Castillo, MR Antognazza, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (9), 4384-4396, 2017
Improving mobility and electrochemical stability of a water-gated polymer field-effect transistor
R Porrazzo, S Bellani, A Luzio, E Lanzarini, M Caironi, MR Antognazza
Organic Electronics 15 (9), 2126-2134, 2014
Engineered MoSe2-based heterostructures for efficient electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction
L Najafi, S Bellani, R Oropesa-Nuez, A Ansaldo, M Prato, AEDR Castillo, ...
Advanced Energy Materials, 2018
Surface polarization drives photoinduced charge separation at the P3HT/water interface
E Mosconi, P Salvatori, MI Saba, A Mattoni, S Bellani, F Bruni, ...
ACS Energy Letters 1 (2), 454-463, 2016
Synthesis of modified fullerenes for oxygen reduction reactions
RM Girn, J Marco-Martnez, S Bellani, A Insuasty, HC Rojas, G Tullii, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (37), 14284-14290, 2016
Liquid‐Phase Exfoliated Indium–Selenide Flakes and Their Application in Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
E Petroni, E Lago, S Bellani, DW Boukhvalov, A Politano, B Grbulak, ...
Small 14 (26), 1800749, 2018
High‐Power Graphene–Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Supercapacitors
A Ansaldo, P Bondavalli, S Bellani, AE Del Rio Castillo, M Prato, ...
ChemNanoMat 3 (6), 436-446, 2017
Water-gated n-type organic field-effect transistors for complementary integrated circuits operating in an aqueous environment
R Porrazzo, A Luzio, S Bellani, GE Bonacchini, YY Noh, YH Kim, ...
ACS omega 2 (1), 1-10, 2017
Field-effect and capacitive properties of water-gated transistors based on polythiophene derivatives
R Porrazzo, S Bellani, A Luzio, C Bertarelli, G Lanzani, M Caironi, ...
APL Materials 3 (1), 014905, 2015
Bimodal functioning of a mesoporous, light sensitive polymer/electrolyte interface
G Tullii, A Desii, C Bossio, S Bellani, M Colombo, N Martino, ...
Organic Electronics 46, 88-98, 2017
Stabilizing organic photocathodes by low-temperature atomic layer deposition of TiO 2
L Steier, S Bellani, HC Rojas, L Pan, M Laitinen, T Sajavaara, F Di Fonzo, ...
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 1 (9), 1915-1920, 2017
Conjugated polymers for the optical control of the electrical activity of living cells
S Vaquero, C Bossio, S Bellani, N Martino, E Zucchetti, G Lanzani, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 4 (31), 5272-5283, 2016
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