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Enrico Rubaltelli
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Mentalizing in economic decision-making
D Polezzi, I Daum, E Rubaltelli, L Lotto, C Civai, G Sartori, R Rumiati
Behavioural brain research 190 (2), 218-223, 2008
A strategy to communicate corporate social responsibility: cause related marketing and its dark side
I Baghi, E Rubaltelli, M Tedeschi
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 16 (1), 15-26, 2009
Numerical information format and investment decisions: Implications for the disposition effect and the status quo bias
E Rubaltelli, S Rubichi, L Savadori, M Tedeschi, R Ferretti
The Journal of Behavioral Finance 6 (1), 19-26, 2005
How do impulsivity traits influence problem gambling through gambling motives? The role of perceived gambling risk/benefits.
N Canale, A Vieno, MD Griffiths, E Rubaltelli, M Santinello
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 29 (3), 813, 2015
The emotional cost of charitable donations
E Rubaltelli, S Agnoli
Cognition & emotion 26 (5), 769-785, 2012
An eye-tracking analysis of irrelevance processing as moderator of openness and creative performance
S Agnoli, L Franchin, E Rubaltelli, GE Corazza
Creativity Research Journal 27 (2), 125-132, 2015
The influence of affective reactions on investment decisions
E Rubaltelli, G Pasini, R Rumiati, RA Olsen, P Slovic
Journal of Behavioral Finance 11 (3), 168-176, 2010
Do ambiguity avoidance and the comparative ignorance hypothesis depend on people’s affective reactions?
E Rubaltelli, R Rumiati, P Slovic
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 40 (3), 243-254, 2010
Mental Representation of Money in Experts and Nonexperts after the Introduction of the Euro
L Lotto, E Rubaltelli, R Rumiati, L Savadori
European Psychologist 11 (4), 277-288, 2006
“Give, but give until it hurts”: The modulatory role of trait emotional intelligence on the motivation to help
S Agnoli, A Pittarello, D Hysenbelli, E Rubaltelli
PloS one 10 (6), 2015
Others' opinions count, but not all of them: anchoring to ingroup versus outgroup members' behavior in charitable giving.
D Hysenbelli, E Rubaltelli, R Rumiati
Judgment & Decision Making 8 (6), 2013
Response mode, compatibility, and dual-processes in the evaluation of simple gambles: An eye-tracking investigation
E Rubaltelli, S Dickert, P Slovic
Judgment and Decision making 7 (4), 427, 2012
Trait urgency and gambling problems in young people by age: The mediating role of decision-making processes
N Canale, A Vieno, MD Griffiths, E Rubaltelli, M Santinello
Addictive behaviors 46, 39-44, 2015
Mental accounting and cause related marketing strategies
I Baghi, E Rubaltelli, M Tedeschi
International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing 7 (2), 145-156, 2010
Sensitivity to affective information and investors' evaluation of past performance: An eye‐tracking study
E Rubaltelli, S Agnoli, L Franchin
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 29 (2-3), 295-306, 2016
Strengthening acceptance for xenotransplantation: the case of attraction effect
E Rubaltelli, P Burra, V Sartorato, D Canova, G Germani, S Tomat, ...
Xenotransplantation 15 (3), 159-163, 2008
When happiness pays in negotiation
D Pietroni, GA Van Kleef, E Rubaltelli, R Rumiati
Mind & Society 8 (1), 77-92, 2009
Psicologia dei mercati finanziari: distorsioni cognitive, percezione del rischio e comportamenti collettivi
E Rubaltelli
Giornale italiano di psicologia 33 (1), 57-82, 2006
Legitimate lies: The relationship between omission, commission, and cheating
A Pittarello, E Rubaltelli, D Motro
European Journal of Social Psychology 46 (4), 481-491, 2016
People’s attitude toward xenotransplantation: affective reactions and the influence of the evaluation context
E Rubaltelli, P Burra, D Canova, G Germani, S Tomat, E Ancona, E Cozzi, ...
Xenotransplantation 16 (3), 129-134, 2009
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