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Structural analysis and superconducting properties of F-substituted NdOBiS2 single crystals
M Nagao, S Demura, K Deguchi, A Miura, S Watauchi, T Takei, Y Takano, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 82 (11), 113701, 2013
In-plane chemical pressure essential for superconductivity in BiCh2-based (Ch: S, Se) layered structure
Y Mizuguchi, A Miura, J Kajitani, T Hiroi, O Miura, K Tadanaga, N Kumada, ...
Scientific Reports 5, 14968, 2015
Liquid-phase syntheses of sulfide electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium battery
A Miura, NC Rosero-Navarro, A Sakuda, K Tadanaga, NHH Phuc, ...
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Synthesis of intermetallic PtZn nanoparticles by reaction of Pt nanoparticles with Zn vapor and their application as fuel cell catalysts
A Miura, H Wang, BM Leonard, HD Abruna, FJ DiSalvo
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Growth and superconducting properties of F-substituted ROBiS2 (R= La, Ce, Nd) single crystals
M Nagao, A Miura, S Demura, K Deguchi, S Watauchi, T Takei, Y Takano, ...
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Redox reactions of small organic molecules using ball milling and piezoelectric materials
K Kubota, Y Pang, A Miura, H Ito
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Superconducting Double Perovskite Bismuth Oxide Prepared by a Low‐Temperature Hydrothermal Reaction
MHK Rubel, A Miura, T Takei, N Kumada, M Mozahar Ali, M Nagao, ...
Angewandte Chemie 126 (14), 3673-3677, 2014
Single-crystalline porous NiO nanosheets prepared from β-Ni(OH)2 nanosheets: Magnetic property and photocatalytic activity
Q Dong, S Yin, C Guo, X Wu, N Kumada, T Takei, A Miura, Y Yonesaki, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 147, 741-747, 2014
Crystal structures of LaO1− xFxBiS 2 (x~ 0.23, 0.46): Effect of F doping on distortion of Bi–S plane
A Miura, M Nagao, T Takei, S Watauchi, I Tanaka, N Kumada
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 212, 213-217, 2014
Preparation of Li7La3 (Zr2− x, Nbx) O12 (x= 0–1.5) and Li3BO3/LiBO2 composites at low temperatures using a sol–gel process
NC Rosero-Navarro, T Yamashita, A Miura, M Higuchi, K Tadanaga
Solid State Ionics 285, 6-12, 2016
Liquid-phase synthesis of Li6PS5Br using ultrasonication and application to cathode composite electrodes in all-solid-state batteries
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Ceramics international 44 (1), 742-746, 2018
Nitrogen‐Rich Manganese Oxynitrides with Enhanced Catalytic Activity in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
A Miura, C Rosero‐Navarro, Y Masubuchi, M Higuchi, S Kikkawa, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (28), 7963–7967, 2016
Acid-, base-, and heat-induced degradation behavior of Chinese sepiolite
A Miura, K Nakazawa, T Takei, N Kumada, N Kinomura, R Ohki, ...
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Effect of Sintering Additives on Relative Density and Li‐ion Conductivity of Nb‐Doped Li7La3ZrO12 Solid Electrolyte
NC Rosero‐Navarro, T Yamashita, A Miura, M Higuchi, K Tadanaga
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M Calpa, NC Rosero-Navarro, A Miura, K Tadanaga
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Structure, Superconductivity, and Magnetism of Ce (O, F) BiS2 Single Crystals
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Crystal Growth & Design 15 (1), 39-44, 2015
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MHK Rubel, T Takei, N Kumada, MM Ali, A Miura, K Tadanaga, K Oka, ...
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Oxygen vacancy-originated highly active electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
S Hirai, K Morita, K Yasuoka, T Shibuya, Y Tojo, Y Kamihara, A Miura, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (31), 15102-15109, 2018
Effect of the binder content on the electrochemical performance of composite cathode using Li 6 PS 5 Cl precursor solution in an all-solid-state lithium battery
NC Rosero-Navarro, T Kinoshita, A Miura, M Higuchi, K Tadanaga
Ionics 23 (6), 1619-1624, 2017
Structural and electrochemical evaluation of three-and two-dimensional organohalide perovskites and their influence on the reversibility of lithium intercalation
D Ramirez, Y Suto, NC Rosero-Navarro, A Miura, K Tadanaga, ...
Inorganic chemistry 57 (7), 4181-4188, 2018
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