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Andrew D Bates
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DNA topology
AD Bates, A Maxwell
Oxford University Press, USA, 2005
DNA topology
AD Bates, A Maxwell
Oxford University Press, USA, 2005
The twist, writhe and overall shape of supercoiled DNA change during counterion-induced transition from a loosely to a tightly interwound superhelix: possible implications for …
J Bednar, P Furrer, A Stasiak, J Dubochet, EH Egelman, AD Bates
Journal of molecular biology 235 (3), 825-847, 1994
DNA topology
AD Bates, A Maxwell
IRL Press at Oxford University Press, 1993
Towards multistep nanostructure synthesis: Programmed enzymatic self‐assembly of DNA/gold systems
AG Kanaras, Z Wang, AD Bates, R Cosstick, M Brust
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 42 (2), 191-194, 2003
A model for the mechanism of strand passage by DNA gyrase
SC Kampranis, AD Bates, A Maxwell
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 96 (15), 8414-8419, 1999
Single‐Molecule Conductance Measurements of Single‐and Double‐Stranded DNA Oligonucleotides
H van Zalinge, DJ Schiffrin, AD Bates, W Haiss, J Ulstrup, RJ Nichols
ChemPhysChem 7 (1), 94-98, 2006
DNA gyrase can supercoil DNA circles as small as 174 base pairs.
AD Bates, A Maxwell
The EMBO Journal 8 (6), 1861-1866, 1989
Energy coupling in type II topoisomerases: why do they hydrolyze ATP?
AD Bates, A Maxwell
Biochemistry 46 (27), 7929-7941, 2007
Variable‐temperature measurements of the single‐molecule conductance of double‐stranded DNA
H van Zalinge, DJ Schiffrin, AD Bates, EB Starikov, W Wenzel, RJ Nichols
Angewandte Chemie 118 (33), 5625-5628, 2006
The ancestral role of ATP hydrolysis in type II topoisomerases: prevention of DNA double-strand breaks
AD Bates, JM Berger, A Maxwell
Nucleic acids research 39 (15), 6327-6339, 2011
Enzymatic disassembly of DNA–gold nanostructures
AG Kanaras, Z Wang, M Brust, R Cosstick, AD Bates
Small 3 (4), 590-594, 2007
Enzymatic DNA processing on gold nanoparticles
Z Wang, AG Kanaras, AD Bates, R Cosstick, M Brust
Journal of Materials Chemistry 14 (4), 578-580, 2004
Energy coupling in Escherichia coli DNA gyrase: the relationship between nucleotide binding, strand passage, and DNA supercoiling
AD Bates, MH O'Dea, M Gellert
Biochemistry 35 (5), 1408-1416, 1996
How do type II topoisomerases use ATP hydrolysis to simplify DNA topology beyond equilibrium? Investigating the relaxation reaction of nonsupercoiling type II topoisomerases
T Stuchinskaya, LA Mitchenall, AJ Schoeffler, KD Corbett, JM Berger, ...
Journal of molecular biology 385 (5), 1397-1408, 2009
DNA topology: topoisomerases keep it simple
AD Bates, A Maxwell
Current Biology 7 (12), R778-R781, 1997
Slow interaction of 5'-adenylyl-beta, gamma-imidodiphosphate with Escherichia coli DNA gyrase. Evidence for cooperativity in nucleotide binding.
JK Tamura, AD Bates, M Gellert
Journal of Biological Chemistry 267 (13), 9214-9222, 1992
Construction and Characterization of a Gold Nanoparticle Wire Assembled Using Mg2+-Dependent RNA−RNA Interactions
AD Bates, BP Callen, JM Cooper, R Cosstick, C Geary, A Glidle, L Jaeger, ...
Nano letters 6 (3), 445-448, 2006
Effect of single-fraction vs multifraction radiotherapy on ambulatory status among patients with spinal canal compression from metastatic cancer: the SCORAD randomized clinical …
PJ Hoskin, K Hopkins, V Misra, T Holt, R McMenemin, D Dubois, ...
Jama 322 (21), 2084-2094, 2019
Evidence that the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis is not an osmoconformer
CD Lowe, SJ Kemp, AD Bates, DJS Montagnes
Marine Biology 146 (5), 923-929, 2005
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