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Impact of metal and anion substitutions on the hydrogen storage properties of M-BTT metal–organic frameworks
K Sumida, D Stück, L Mino, JD Chai, ED Bloch, O Zavorotynska, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (3), 1083-1091, 2013
Low-dimensional systems investigated by x-ray absorption spectroscopy: a selection of 2D, 1D and 0D cases
L Mino, G Agostini, E Borfecchia, D Gianolio, A Piovano, E Gallo, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (42), 423001, 2013
CO2 Capture by TiO2 Anatase Surfaces: A Combined DFT and FTIR Study
L Mino, G Spoto, AM Ferrari
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (43), 25016-25026, 2014
Probing reactive platinum sites in UiO-67 zirconium metal–organic frameworks
S ien, G Agostini, S Svelle, E Borfecchia, KA Lomachenko, L Mino, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (3), 1042-1056, 2015
Particles Morphology and Surface Properties As Investigated by HRTEM, FTIR, and Periodic DFT Calculations: From Pyrogenic TiO2 (P25) to Nanoanatase
L Mino, G Spoto, S Bordiga, A Zecchina
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (32), 17008-17018, 2012
CO adsorption on anatase nanocrystals: A combined experimental and periodic DFT study
L Mino, AM Ferrari, V Lacivita, G Spoto, S Bordiga, A Zecchina
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (15), 7694-7700, 2011
A surface science approach to TiO2 P25 photocatalysis: An in situ FTIR study of phenol photodegradation at controlled water coverages from sub-monolayer to multilayer
L Mino, A Zecchina, G Martra, AM Rossi, G Spoto
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 196, 135-141, 2016
Rutile surface properties beyond the single crystal approach: new insights from the experimental investigation of different polycrystalline samples and periodic DFT calculations
L Mino, G Spoto, S Bordiga, A Zecchina
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (21), 11186-11196, 2013
Probing the surface of nanosheet H-ZSM-5 with FTIR spectroscopy
BTL Bleken, L Mino, F Giordanino, P Beato, S Svelle, KP Lillerud, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (32), 13363-13370, 2013
Study of epitaxial selective area growth In 1− x Ga x As films by synchrotron μ-XRF mapping
L Mino, A Agostino, S Codato, C Lamberti
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 25 (6), 831-836, 2010
Iron oxidation state in garnet from a subduction setting: A micro-XANES and electron microprobe (“flank method”) comparative study
E Borfecchia, L Mino, D Gianolio, C Groppo, N Malaspina, ...
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 27 (10), 1725-1733, 2012
EXAFS and XANES investigation of (Li, Ni) codoped ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
L Mino, D Gianolio, F Bardelli, C Prestipino, ES Kumar, F Bellarmine, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25 (38), 385402, 2013
Spectroscopic and adsorptive studies of a thermally robust pyrazolato-based PCP
L Mino, V Colombo, JG Vitillo, C Lamberti, S Bordiga, E Gallo, P Glatzel, ...
Dalton Transactions 41 (14), 4012-4019, 2012
Acetylene oligomerization on the surface of TiO 2: a step forward in the in situ synthesis of nanostructured carbonaceous structures on the surface of photoactive oxides
SM Jain, JJ Biedrzycki, V Maurino, A Zecchina, L Mino, G Spoto
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (31), 12247-12254, 2014
Synchrotron study of oxygen depletion in a Bi-2212 whisker annealed at 363 K
S Cagliero, A Piovano, C Lamberti, MM Rahman Khan, A Agostino, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 16 (6), 813-817, 2009
CO2 Adsorption Sites in UTSA-16: Multitechnique Approach
A Masala, F Grifasi, C Atzori, JG Vitillo, L Mino, F Bonino, MR Chierotti, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (22), 12068-12074, 2016
μ‐EXAFS, μ‐XRF, and μ‐PL Characterization of a Multi‐Quantum‐Well Electroabsorption Modulated Laser Realized via Selective Area Growth
L Mino, D Gianolio, G Agostini, A Piovano, M Truccato, A Agostino, ...
small 7 (7), 930-938, 2011
Structural Characterization of Multi‐Quantum Wells in Electroabsorption‐Modulated Lasers by using Synchrotron Radiation Micrometer‐Beams
L Mino, D Gianolio, G Agostini, A Piovano, M Truccato, A Agostino, ...
Advanced Materials 22 (18), 2050-2054, 2010
Materials characterization by synchrotron x-ray microprobes and nanoprobes
L Mino, E Borfecchia, J Segura-Ruiz, C Giannini, G Martinez-Criado, ...
Reviews of Modern Physics 90 (2), 025007, 2018
Direct-Write X-ray Nanopatterning: A Proof of Concept Josephson Device on Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ Superconducting Oxide
M Truccato, A Agostino, E Borfecchia, L Mino, E Cara, A Pagliero, ...
Nano letters 16 (3), 1669-1674, 2016
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