Nicolas Stenger
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Three-dimensional invisibility cloak at optical wavelengths
T Ergin, N Stenger, P Brenner, JB Pendry, M Wegener
science 328 (5976), 337-339, 2010
Tailored 3D mechanical metamaterials made by dip‐in direct‐laser‐writing optical lithography
T Bückmann, N Stenger, M Kadic, J Kaschke, A Frölich, T Kennerknecht, ...
Advanced Materials 24 (20), 2710-2714, 2012
Experiments on elastic cloaking in thin plates
N Stenger, M Wilhelm, M Wegener
Physical Review Letters 108 (1), 014301, 2012
On the practicability of pentamode mechanical metamaterials
M Kadic, T Bückmann, N Stenger, M Thiel, M Wegener
Applied Physics Letters 100 (19), 191901, 2012
Blueshift of the surface plasmon resonance in silver nanoparticles studied with EELS
S Raza, N Stenger, S Kadkhodazadeh, SV Fischer, N Kostesha, ...
Nanophotonics 2 (2), 131-138, 2013
Multipole plasmons and their disappearance in few-nanometre silver nanoparticles
S Raza, S Kadkhodazadeh, T Christensen, M Di Vece, M Wubs, ...
Nature communications 6, 8788, 2015
Gap and channeled plasmons in tapered grooves: a review
CLC Smith, N Stenger, A Kristensen, NA Mortensen, SI Bozhevolnyi
Nanoscale 7 (21), 9355-9386, 2015
Blueshift of the surface plasmon resonance in silver nanoparticles: substrate effects
S Raza, W Yan, N Stenger, M Wubs, NA Mortensen
Optics express 21 (22), 27344-27355, 2013
Extremely confined gap surface-plasmon modes excited by electrons
S Raza, N Stenger, A Pors, T Holmgaard, S Kadkhodazadeh, JB Wagner, ...
Nature communications 5, 4125, 2014
Photorealistic images of carpet cloaks
JC Halimeh, T Ergin, J Mueller, N Stenger, M Wegener
Optics express 17 (22), 19328-19336, 2009
Direct observation of oxygen configuration on individual graphene oxide sheets
Z Liu, K Nørgaard, MH Overgaard, M Ceccato, DMA Mackenzie, ...
Carbon 127, 141-148, 2018
Optical microscopy of 3D carpet cloaks: ray-tracing calculations
T Ergin, JC Halimeh, N Stenger, M Wegener
Optics express 18 (19), 20535-20545, 2010
White light generation and anisotropic damage in gold films near percolation threshold
SM Novikov, C Frydendahl, J Beermann, VA Zenin, N Stenger, V Coello, ...
ACS Photonics 4 (5), 1207-1215, 2017
Enhancement of two-photon photoluminescence and SERS for low-coverage gold films
SM Novikov, J Beermann, C Frydendahl, N Stenger, V Coello, ...
Optics express 24 (15), 16743-16751, 2016
Pattern recognition approach to quantify the atomic structure of graphene
J Kling, JS Vestergaard, AB Dahl, N Stenger, TJ Booth, P Bøggild, ...
Carbon 74, 363-366, 2014
Erratum:“On the practicability of pentamode mechanical metamaterials”[Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 191901 (2012)]
M Kadic, T Bückmann, N Stenger, M Thiel, M Wegener
Applied Physics Letters 101 (4), 049902, 2012
Optical reconfiguration and polarization control in semi-continuous gold films close to the percolation threshold
C Frydendahl, T Repän, M Geisler, SM Novikov, J Beermann, ...
Nanoscale 9 (33), 12014-12024, 2017
Single-Crystalline Gold Nanodisks on WS2 Mono- and Multilayers for Strong Coupling at Room Temperature
M Geisler, X Cui, J Wang, T Rindzevicius, L Gammelgaard, BS Jessen, ...
Acs Photonics 6 (4), 994-1001, 2019
Shining Light on Sulfide Perovskites: LaYS3 Material Properties and Solar Cells
A Crovetto, R Nielsen, M Pandey, L Watts, JG Labram, M Geisler, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (9), 3359-3369, 2019
A universal approach for the synthesis of two-dimensional binary compounds
A Shivayogimath, JD Thomsen, DMA Mackenzie, M Geisler, RM Stan, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 2957, 2019
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