Federica Zaccheria
Federica Zaccheria
Researcher, ISTM CNR
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Optimization of Tailoring of CuOx Species of Silica Alumina Supported Catalysts for the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx
S Bennici, A Gervasini, N Ravasio, F Zaccheria
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (22), 5168-5176, 2003
Dependence of copper species on the nature of the support for dispersed CuO catalysts
A Gervasini, M Manzoli, G Martra, A Ponti, N Ravasio, L Sordelli, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (15), 7851-7861, 2006
Mono-and bifunctional heterogeneous catalytic transformation of terpenes and terpenoids
N Ravasio, F Zaccheria, M Guidotti, R Psaro
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Environmental friendly lubricants through selective hydrogenation of rapeseed oil over supported copper catalysts
N Ravasio, F Zaccheria, M Gargano, S Recchia, A Fusi, N Poli, R Psaro
Applied Catalysis A: General 233 (1-2), 1-6, 2002
Insight into the properties of Fe oxide present in high concentrations on mesoporous silica
A Gervasini, C Messi, P Carniti, A Ponti, N Ravasio, F Zaccheria
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New generation biofuels: γ-valerolactone into valeric esters in one pot
CE Chan-Thaw, M Marelli, R Psaro, N Ravasio, F Zaccheria
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Synthetic scope of alcohol transfer dehydrogenation catalyzed by Cu/Al2O3: A new metallic catalyst with unusual selectivity
F Zaccheria, N Ravasio, R Psaro, A Fusi
Unraveling the role of low coordination sites in a Cu metal nanoparticle: a step toward the selective synthesis of second generation biofuels
N Scotti, M Dangate, A Gervasini, C Evangelisti, N Ravasio, F Zaccheria
Acs Catalysis 4 (8), 2818-2826, 2014
Supported copper precatalysts for ligand-free, palladium-free Sonogashira coupling reactions
A Biffis, E Scattolin, N Ravasio, F Zaccheria
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The role of catalysis in the synthesis of polyurethane foams based on renewable raw materials
S Dworakowska, D Bogdał, F Zaccheria, N Ravasio
Catalysis today 223, 148-156, 2014
Selective hydrogenation of alternative oils: a useful tool for the production of biofuels
F Zaccheria, R Psaro, N Ravasio
Green Chemistry 11 (4), 462-465, 2009
Bifunctional copper catalysts. Part II. Stereoselective synthesis of (-)-menthol starting from (+)-citronellal
N Ravasio, N Poli, R Psaro, M Saba, F Zaccheria
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CuO/SiO 2 as a simple, effective and recoverable catalyst for alkylation of indole derivatives with diazo compounds
JM Fraile, K Le Jeune, JA Mayoral, N Ravasio, F Zaccheria
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 11 (26), 4327-4332, 2013
CuO/SiO 2: a simple and efficient solid acid catalyst for epoxide ring opening
F Zaccheria, F Santoro, R Psaro, N Ravasio
Green chemistry 13 (3), 545-548, 2011
Heterogeneous selective catalytic hydrogenation of aryl ketones to alcohols without additives
F Zaccheria, N Ravasio, R Psaro, A Fusi
Tetrahedron letters 46 (21), 3695-3698, 2005
Reductive amination of ketones or amination of alcohols over heterogeneous Cu catalysts: Matching the catalyst support with the N‐alkylating agent
F Santoro, R Psaro, N Ravasio, F Zaccheria
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N-Alkylation of amines through hydrogen borrowing over a heterogeneous Cu catalyst
F Santoro, R Psaro, N Ravasio, F Zaccheria
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Unravelling the properties of supported copper oxide: can the particle size induce acidic behaviour?
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Heterogeneous Cu-catalysts for the reductive deoxygenation of aromatic ketones without additives
F Zaccheria, N Ravasio, M Ercoli, P Allegrini
Tetrahedron letters 46 (45), 7743-7745, 2005
A new, Fe based, heterogeneous Lewis acid: Selective isomerization of α-pinene oxide
N Ravasio, F Zaccheria, A Gervasini, C Messi
Catalysis Communications 9 (6), 1125-1127, 2008
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