Devashi Adroja
Devashi Adroja
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
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Spin waves and magnetic exchange interactions in CaFe 2 As 2
J Zhao, DT Adroja, DX Yao, R Bewley, S Li, XF Wang, G Wu, XH Chen, ...
Nature Physics 5 (8), 555-560, 2009
Evidence of pseudogap formation in a new valence-fluctuating compound: CeRhSb
SK Malik, DT Adroja
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Majorana fermions in the Kitaev quantum spin system α-RuCl3
SH Do, SY Park, J Yoshitake, J Nasu, Y Motome, YS Kwon, DT Adroja, ...
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Magnetic ground state of FeSe
Q Wang, Y Shen, B Pan, X Zhang, K Ikeuchi, K Iida, AD Christianson, ...
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Long-range magnetic order in CeRu 2 Al 10 studied via muon spin relaxation and neutron diffraction
DD Khalyavin, AD Hillier, DT Adroja, AM Strydom, P Manuel, LC Chapon, ...
Physical Review B 82 (10), 100405, 2010
Muon Spin Relaxation Evidence for the U(1) Quantum Spin-Liquid Ground State in the Triangular Antiferromagnet
Y Li, D Adroja, PK Biswas, PJ Baker, Q Zhang, J Liu, AA Tsirlin, ...
Physical review letters 117 (9), 097201, 2016
Crystalline Electric-Field Randomness in the Triangular Lattice Spin-Liquid
Y Li, D Adroja, RI Bewley, D Voneshen, AA Tsirlin, P Gegenwart, Q Zhang
Physical review letters 118 (10), 107202, 2017
Spin gap in Tl 2 Ru 2 O 7 and the possible formation of Haldane chains in three-dimensional crystals
S Lee, JG Park, DT Adroja, D Khomskii, S Streltsov, KA McEwen, H Sakai, ...
Nature materials 5 (6), 471-476, 2006
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VK Anand, DT Adroja, AD Hillier
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CePdSb: A possible ferromagnetic Kondo-lattice system
SK Malik, DT Adroja
Physical Review B 43 (7), 6295, 1991
Specific heat and μ SR study on the noncentrosymmetric superconductor LaRhSi 3
VK Anand, AD Hillier, DT Adroja, AM Strydom, H Michor, KA McEwen, ...
Physical Review B 83 (6), 064522, 2011
Long-range ordering of reduced magnetic moments in the spin-gap compound CeOs 2 Al 10 as seen via muon spin relaxation and neutron scattering
DT Adroja, AD Hillier, PP Deen, AM Strydom, Y Muro, J Kajino, ...
Physical Review B 82 (10), 104405, 2010
Crystalline Electric Field as a Probe for Long-Range Antiferromagnetic Order and Superconducting State of
S Chi, DT Adroja, T Guidi, R Bewley, S Li, J Zhao, JW Lynn, CM Brown, ...
Physical review letters 101 (21), 217002, 2008
Valence fluctuation and heavy fermion behaviour in rare earth and actinide based compounds
DT Adroja, SK Malik
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 100 (1-3), 126-138, 1991
Superconducting ground state of quasi-one-dimensional K 2 Cr 3 As 3 investigated using μ SR measurements
DT Adroja, A Bhattacharyya, M Telling, Y Feng, M Smidman, B Pan, ...
Physical Review B 92 (13), 134505, 2015
Magnetic-susceptibility and electrical-resistivity measurements on RPdSn (R= Ce–Yb) compounds
DT Adroja, SK Malik
Physical Review B 45 (2), 779, 1992
CeRhIn: A new mixed-valent cerium compound
DT Adroja, SK Malik, BD Padalia, R Vijayaraghavan
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Spin-glass order induced by dynamic frustration
EA Goremychkin, R Osborn, BD Rainford, RT Macaluso, DT Adroja, ...
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Gapless spin-liquid state in the structurally disorder-free triangular antiferromagnet
L Ding, P Manuel, S Bachus, F Gruler, P Gegenwart, J Singleton, ...
Physical Review B 100 (14), 144432, 2019
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