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Sound-driven synaptic inhibition in primary visual cortex
G Iurilli, D Ghezzi, U Olcese, G Lassi, C Nazzaro, R Tonini, V Tucci, ...
Neuron 73 (4), 814-828, 2012
Crystal structure of a soluble form of the intracellular chloride ion channel CLIC1 (NCC27) at 1.4- resolution
SJ Harrop, MZ DeMaere, WD Fairlie, T Reztsova, SM Valenzuela, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (48), 44993-45000, 2001
The intracellular chloride ion channel protein CLIC1 undergoes a redox-controlled structural transition
DR Littler, SJ Harrop, WD Fairlie, LJ Brown, GJ Pankhurst, S Pankhurst, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (10), 9298-9305, 2004
The nuclear chloride ion channel NCC27 is involved in regulation of the cell cycle
SM Valenzuela, M Mazzanti, R Tonini, MR Qiu, K Warton, EA Musgrove, ...
The Journal of physiology 529 (3), 541-552, 2000
Recombinant CLIC1 (NCC27) assembles in lipid bilayers via a pH-dependent two-state process to form chloride ion channels with identical characteristics to those observed in…
K Warton, R Tonini, WD Fairlie, JM Matthews, SM Valenzuela, MR Qiu, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (29), 26003-26011, 2002
Functional characterization of the NCC27 nuclear protein in stable transfected CHO-K1 cells
R Tonini, A Ferroni, SM Valenzuela, K Warton, TJ Campbell, SN Breit, ...
The FASEB Journal 14 (9), 1171-1178, 2000
Involvement of the intracellular ion channel CLIC1 in microglia-mediated β-amyloid-induced neurotoxicity
G Novarino, C Fabrizi, R Tonini, MA Denti, F Malchiodi-Albedi, GM Lauro, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 24 (23), 5322-5330, 2004
Amyloid β1–42 peptide alters the gating of human and mouse α‐bungarotoxin‐sensitive nicotinic receptors
F Grassi, E Palma, R Tonini, M Amici, M Ballivet, F Eusebi
The Journal of physiology 547 (1), 147-157, 2003
Adolescent exposure to THC in female rats disrupts developmental changes in the prefrontal cortex
T Rubino, P Prini, F Piscitelli, E Zamberletti, M Trusel, M Melis, ...
Neurobiology of disease 73, 60-69, 2015
Synaptic functions of endocannabinoid signaling in health and disease
A Araque, PE Castillo, OJ Manzoni, R Tonini
Neuropharmacology 124, 13-24, 2017
SK channel modulation rescues striatal plasticity and control over habit in cannabinoid tolerance
C Nazzaro, B Greco, M Cerovic, P Baxter, T Rubino, M Trusel, D Parolaro, ...
Nature neuroscience 15 (2), 284, 2012
Calcium protects differentiating neuroblastoma cells during 50 Hz electromagnetic radiation
R Tonini, MD Baroni, E Masala, M Micheletti, A Ferroni, M Mazzanti
Biophysical journal 81 (5), 2580-2589, 2001
ERK-dependent modulation of cerebellar synaptic plasticity after chronic Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol exposure
R Tonini, S Ciardo, M Cerovic, T Rubino, D Parolaro, M Mazzanti, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 26 (21), 5810-5818, 2006
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of dopamine-mediated behavioral plasticity in the striatum
M Cerovic, R d’Isa, R Tonini, R Brambilla
Neurobiology of learning and memory 105, 63-80, 2013
Using atomic force microscopy to investigate patch‐clamped nuclear membrane
Cell biology international 21 (11), 747-757, 1997
Cognitive deficits associated with alteration of synaptic metaplasticity precede plaque deposition in AβPP23 transgenic mice
C Balducci, R Tonini, E Zianni, C Nazzaro, F Fiordaliso, M Salio, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 21 (4), 1367-1381, 2010
Modulation of the inward rectifier potassium channel IRK1 by the Ras signaling pathway
S Giovannardi, G Forlani, M Balestrini, E Bossi, R Tonini, E Sturani, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (14), 12158-12163, 2002
Carbon nanomaterials interfacing with neurons: an in vivo perspective
M Baldrighi, M Trusel, R Tonini, S Giordani
Frontiers in neuroscience 10, 250, 2016
Autism-associated 16p11. 2 microdeletion impairs prefrontal functional connectivity in mouse and human
A Bertero, A Liska, M Pagani, R Parolisi, ME Masferrer, M Gritti, ...
Brain 141 (7), 2055-2065, 2018
Expression of Ras‐GRF in the SK‐N‐BE neuroblastoma accelerates retinoic‐acid‐induced neuronal differentiation and increases the functional expression of the IRK1 potassium channel
R Tonini, E Mancinelli, M Balestrini, M Mazzanti, E Martegani, A Ferroni, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 11 (3), 959-966, 1999
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