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Complementary absorbing star‐shaped small molecules for the preparation of ternary cascade energy structures in organic photovoltaic cells
H Cha, DS Chung, SY Bae, MJ Lee, TK An, J Hwang, KH Kim, YH Kim, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (12), 1556-1565, 2013
Effects of direct solvent exposure on the nanoscale morphologies and electrical characteristics of PCBM-based transistors and photovoltaics
S Nam, J Jang, H Cha, J Hwang, TK An, S Park, CE Park
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (12), 5543-5549, 2012
An efficient,“burn in” free organic solar cell employing a nonfullerene electron acceptor
H Cha, J Wu, A Wadsworth, J Nagitta, S Limbu, S Pont, Z Li, J Searle, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (33), 1701156, 2017
Solvent additive to achieve highly ordered nanostructural semicrystalline DPP copolymers: toward a high charge carrier mobility
TK An, I Kang, H Yun, H Cha, J Hwang, S Park, J Kim, YJ Kim, DS Chung, ...
Advanced Materials 25 (48), 7003-7009, 2013
Alkyl chain length dependence of the field-effect mobility in novel anthracene derivatives
JY Back, TK An, YR Cheon, H Cha, J Jang, Y Kim, Y Baek, DS Chung, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (1), 351-358, 2014
3,6-Carbazole Incorporated into Poly[9,9-dioctylfluorene-alt-(bisthienyl)benzothiadiazole]s Improving the Power Conversion Efficiency
Y Fu, H Cha, GY Lee, BJ Moon, CE Park, T Park
Macromolecules 45 (7), 3004-3009, 2012
Effects of selenophene substitution on the mobility and photovoltaic efficiency of polyquaterthiophene-based organic solar cells
DS Chung, H Kong, WM Yun, H Cha, HK Shim, YH Kim, CE Park
Organic Electronics 11 (5), 899-904, 2010
Development of a new conjugated polymer containing dialkoxynaphthalene for efficient polymer solar cells and organic thin film transistors
JH Kwon, JY An, H Jang, S Choi, DS Chung, MJ Lee, HJ Cha, JH Park, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 49 (5), 1119-1128, 2011
Synthesis and transistor properties of asymmetric oligothiophenes: relationship between molecular structure and device performance
TK An, SH Jang, SO Kim, J Jang, J Hwang, H Cha, YR Noh, SB Yoon, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (42), 14052-14060, 2013
A composite of a graphene oxide derivative as a novel sensing layer in an organic field-effect transistor
Y Kim, TK An, J Kim, J Hwang, S Park, S Nam, H Cha, WJ Park, JM Baik, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (23), 4539-4544, 2014
Solution‐Processed Organic Photovoltaic Cells with Anthracene Derivatives
DS Chung, JW Park, WM Yun, H Cha, YH Kim, SK Kwon, CE Park
ChemSusChem 3 (6), 742-748, 2010
Molecular aggregation–performance relationship in the design of novel cyclohexylethynyl end-capped quaterthiophenes for solution-processed organic transistors
TK An, SH Hahn, S Nam, H Cha, Y Rho, DS Chung, M Ree, MS Kang, ...
Dyes and Pigments 96 (3), 756-762, 2013
Thermally stable organic bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells incorporating an amorphous fullerene derivative as an electron acceptor
SO Kim, DS Chung, H Cha, JW Jang, YH Kim, JW Kang, YS Jeong, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 95 (2), 432-439, 2011
Photopatternable, highly conductive and low work function polymer electrodes for high-performance n-type bottom contact organic transistors
K Hong, SH Kim, C Yang, TK An, H Cha, C Park, CE Park
Organic Electronics 12 (3), 516-519, 2011
Effects of cyano-substituents on the molecular packing structures of conjugated polymers for bulk-heterojunction solar cells
H Cha, HN Kim, TK An, MS Kang, SK Kwon, YH Kim, CE Park
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (18), 15774-15782, 2014
Thin film morphology control via a mixed solvent system for high-performance organic thin film transistors
TK An, SM Park, S Nam, J Hwang, SJ Yoo, MJ Lee, WM Yun, J Jang, ...
Sci. Adv. Mater. 5, 1323-1327, 2013
Simultaneously Grasping and Self‐Organizing Photoactive Polymers for Highly Reproducible Organic Solar Cells with Improved Efficiency
H Cha, GY Lee, Y Fu, YJ Kim, CE Park, T Park
Advanced Energy Materials 3 (8), 1018-1024, 2013
Synthesis and characterization of dialkoxynaphthalene-based new π-conjugated copolymer for photovoltaic solar cell
JH Kwon, HD Yeo, HJ Cha, MJ Lee, HT Park, JH Park, CE Park, YH Kim
Macromolecular research 19 (2), 197-202, 2011
Thermally stable amorphous polymeric semiconductors containing fluorene and thiophene for use in organic photovoltaic cells
H Cha, H Kong, DS Chung, WM Yun, TK An, J Hwang, YH Kim, HK Shim, ...
Organic Electronics 11 (9), 1534-1542, 2010
Improved n-type bottom-contact organic transistors by introducing a poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly (4-styrene sulfonate) coating on the source/drain electrodes
K Hong, SH Kim, C Yang, J Jang, H Cha, CE Park
Applied Physics Letters 97 (10), 198, 2010
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