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Nanoscale confinement of all-optical magnetic switching in TbFeCo-competition with nanoscale heterogeneity
TM Liu, T Wang, AH Reid, M Savoini, X Wu, B Koene, P Granitzka, ...
Nano letters 15 (10), 6862-6868, 2015
Publications Repository-Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
F Cavanna, R Depalo, M Aliotta, M Anders, D Bemmerer, A Best, ...
Physical Review Letters Phys Rev Lett 115, 252501, 2015
Femtosecond X-ray magnetic circular dichroism absorption spectroscopy at an X-ray free electron laser
DJ Higley, K Hirsch, GL Dakovski, E Jal, E Yuan, T Liu, AA Lutman, ...
Review of scientific instruments 87 (3), 033110, 2016
Beyond a phenomenological description of magnetostriction
AH Reid, X Shen, P Maldonado, T Chase, E Jal, PW Granitzka, K Carva, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-9, 2018
Magnetic switching in granular FePt layers promoted by near-field laser enhancement
PW Granitzka, E Jal, L Le Guyader, M Savoini, DJ Higley, T Liu, Z Chen, ...
Nano letters 17 (4), 2426-2432, 2017
Spin-current-mediated rapid magnon localisation and coalescence after ultrafast optical pumping of ferrimagnetic alloys
E Iacocca, TM Liu, AH Reid, Z Fu, S Ruta, PW Granitzka, E Jal, S Bonetti, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-11, 2019
Orbital and spin moments of 5 to 11 nm Fe3O4 nanoparticles measured via x-ray magnetic circular dichroism
YP Cai, K Chesnel, M Trevino, A Westover, RG Harrison, JM Hancock, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (17), 17B537, 2014
Interface Fe magnetic moment enhancement in MgO/Fe/MgO trilayers
E Jal, JB Kortright, T Chase, TM Liu, AX Gray, P Shafer, E Arenholz, P Xu, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (9), 092404, 2015
Unraveling Nanoscale Magnetic Ordering in Fe3O4 Nanoparticle Assemblies via X-rays
K Chesnel, D Griner, D Smith, Y Cai, M Trevino, B Newbold, T Wang, ...
Magnetochemistry 4 (4), 42, 2018
Attempting nanolocalization of all-optical switching through nano-holes in an Al-mask
M Savoini, AH Reid, T Wang, CE Graves, MC Hoffmann, TM Liu, ...
Spintronics VII 9167, 91672C, 2014
Ultrafast self-induced x-ray transparency and loss of magnetic diffraction
Z Chen, DJ Higley, M Beye, M Hantschmann, V Mehta, O Hellwig, A Mitra, ...
Physical review letters 121 (13), 137403, 2018
All-optical switching of magnetic domains moves one step closer to application
T Rasing, TM Liu, AH Reid, M Savoini, A Tsukamoto, B Hecht, AV Kimel, ...
SPIE Newsroom, 2016
Distinguishing local and non-local demagnetization in ferromagnetic FePt nanoparticles
PW Granitzka, AH Reid, J Hurst, E Jal, LL Guyader, TM Liu, L Salemi, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.08287, 2019
Nanoscale confinement of all-optical switching in TbFeCo using plasmonic antennas
TM Liu, T Wang, AH Reid, M Savoini, X Wu, B Koene, P Granitzka, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1409.1280, 2014
Domain dynamics of a ferromagnetic CoFe/Ni multilayer in response to ultrafast optical pumping
D Zusin, E Iacocca, L Le Guyader, A Blonsky, A Reid, W Schlotter, T Liu, ...
APS Meeting Abstracts, 2019
Femtosecond X-ray induced changes of the electronic and magnetic response of solids from electron redistribution
DJ Higley, AH Reid, Z Chen, L Le Guyader, O Hellwig, AA Lutman, T Liu, ...
Nature communications 10, 2019
Observation of 450 GHz surface acoustic waves in suspended polycrystalline films by use of time-resolved resonant soft X-ray scattering
P Tengdin, D Zusin, J Knobloch, A Shabalin, S Hrkac, N Hua, Y Kvashnin, ...
APS Meeting Abstracts, 2019
Measurement of domain wall dynamics in response to ultrafast optical pumping by use of coherent X-ray scattering at the Linac Coherent Light Source
D Zusin, TM Liu, L Le Guyader, A Reid, W Schlotter, D Higley, P Tengdin, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 63, 2018
Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in heterogeneous granular FePt media
P Granitzka, A Reid, E Jal, TM Liu, W Schlotter, P Shafer, V Metha, ...
APS Meeting Abstracts, 2016
Nanoscale Confinement of All-Optical Magnetic Switching in TbFeCo
TM Liu, T Wang, A Reid, M Savoini, X Wu, B Konene, P Granitzka, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts, 2016
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