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Johan Isaksson
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A synthetic antimicrobial peptidomimetic (LTX 109): stereochemical impact on membrane disruption
J Isaksson, BO Brandsdal, M Engqvist, GE Flaten, JSM Svendsen, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 54 (16), 5786-5795, 2011
A combined atomic force microscopy and computational approach for the structural elucidation of breitfussin A and B: Highly modified halogenated dipeptides from Thuiaria breitfussi
KØ Hanssen, B Schuler, AJ Williams, TB Demissie, E Hansen, ...
Angewandte Chemie 124 (49), 12404-12407, 2012
Single-stranded adenine-rich DNA and RNA retain structural characteristics of their respective double-stranded conformations and show directional differences in stacking pattern
J Isaksson, S Acharya, J Barman, P Cheruku, J Chattopadhyaya
Biochemistry 43 (51), 15996-16010, 2004
Synthetic cationic antimicrobial peptides bind with their hydrophobic parts to drug site II of human serum albumin
A Sivertsen, J Isaksson, HKS Leiros, J Svenson, JS Svendsen, ...
BMC structural biology 14 (1), 1-14, 2014
A uniform mechanism correlating dangling-end stabilization and stacking geometry
J Isaksson, J Chattopadhyaya
Biochemistry 44 (14), 5390-5401, 2005
An Electrochemical Probe of DNA Stacking in an Antisense Oligonucleotide Containing a C3′‐endo‐Locked Sugar
EM Boon, JK Barton, PI Pradeepkumar, J Isaksson, C Petit, ...
Angewandte Chemie 114 (18), 3552-3555, 2002
Determination of absolute configuration and conformation of a cyclic dipeptide by NMR and chiral spectroscopic methods
X Li, KH Hopmann, J Hudecova, J Isaksson, J Novotna, W Stensen, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (8), 1721-1736, 2013
Significant p K a Perturbation of Nucleobases Is an Intrinsic Property of the Sequence Context in DNA and RNA
S Acharya, J Barman, P Cheruku, S Chatterjee, P Acharya, J Isaksson, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (28), 8674-8681, 2004
Cellular antioxidant effect of four bromophenols from the red algae, Vertebrata lanosa
EK Olsen, E Hansen, J Isaksson, JH Andersen
Marine Drugs 11 (8), 2769-2784, 2013
Marine AChE inhibitors isolated from Geodia barretti: natural compounds and their synthetic analogs
EK Olsen, E Hansen, LWK Moodie, J Isaksson, K Sepčić, M Cergolj, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 14 (5), 1629-1640, 2016
Novel Antimicrobial Peptides EeCentrocins 1, 2 and EeStrongylocin 2 from the Edible Sea Urchin Echinus esculentus Have 6-Br-Trp Post-Translational Modifications
RG Solstad, C Li, J Isaksson, J Johansen, J Svenson, K Stensvåg, T Haug
PLoS One 11 (3), e0151820, 2016
Development of a biomimetic phospholipid vesicle-based permeation assay for the estimation of intestinal drug permeability
E Naderkhani, J Isaksson, A Ryzhakov, GE Flaten
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 103 (6), 1882-1890, 2014
Beta-glucan-loaded nanofiber dressing improves wound healing in diabetic mice
J Grip, RE Engstad, I Skjæveland, N Škalko-Basnet, J Isaksson, P Basnet, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 121, 269-280, 2018
Characterization of rhamnolipids produced by an arctic marine bacterium from the pseudomonas fluorescence group
V Kristoffersen, T Rämä, J Isaksson, JH Andersen, WH Gerwick, ...
Marine drugs 16 (5), 163, 2018
A focused fragment library targeting the antibiotic resistance enzyme-Oxacillinase-48: Synthesis, structural evaluation and inhibitor design
S Akhter, BA Lund, A Ismael, M Langer, J Isaksson, T Christopeit, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 145, 634-648, 2018
Probing the ATP-binding pocket of protein kinase DYRK1A with benzothiazole fragment molecules
U Rothweiler, W Stensen, BO Brandsdal, J Isaksson, FA Leeson, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 59 (21), 9814-9824, 2016
Improved anticancer potency by head‐to‐tail cyclization of short cationic anticancer peptides containing a lipophilic β2,2‐amino acid
V Tørfoss, J Isaksson, D Ausbacher, BO Brandsdal, GE Flaten, ...
Journal of Peptide Science 18 (10), 609-619, 2012
Securamine Derivatives from the Arctic Bryozoan Securiflustra securifrons
KØ Hansen, J Isaksson, A Bayer, JA Johansen, JH Andersen, E Hansen
Journal of natural products 80 (12), 3276-3283, 2017
Four‐component relativistic chemical shift calculations of halogenated organic compounds
TB Demissie, M Repisky, S Komorovsky, J Isaksson, JS Svendsen, ...
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 26 (8), 679-687, 2013
General approach to determine disulfide connectivity in cysteine-rich peptides by sequential alkylation on solid phase and mass spectrometry
A Albert, JJ Eksteen, J Isaksson, M Sengee, T Hansen, T Vasskog
Analytical chemistry 88 (19), 9539-9546, 2016
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