Maria Gabriella Ceravolo
Maria Gabriella Ceravolo
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Transcranial direct current stimulation improves word retrieval in healthy and nonfluent aphasic subjects
V Fiori, M Coccia, CV Marinelli, V Vecchi, S Bonifazi, MG Ceravolo, ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 23 (9), 2309-2323, 2011
The progression of non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease and their contribution to motor disability and quality of life
A Antonini, P Barone, R Marconi, L Morgante, S Zappulla, FE Pontieri, ...
Journal of neurology 259 (12), 2621-2631, 2012
Low-frequency rTMS promotes use-dependent motor plasticity in chronic stroke: a randomized trial
A Avenanti, M Coccia, E Ladavas, L Provinciali, MG Ceravolo
Neurology 78 (4), 256-264, 2012
A randomised controlled cross-over trial of aerobic training versus Qigong in advanced Parkinson's disease
D Burini, B Farabollini, S Iacucci, C Rimatori, G Riccardi, M Capecci, ...
Europa medicophysica 42 (3), 231, 2006
Botulinum toxin type A for drooling in Parkinson's disease: a double‐blind, randomized, placebo‐controlled study
G Lagalla, M Millevolte, M Capecci, L Provinciali, MG Ceravolo
Movement disorders: official journal of the Movement Disorder Society 21 (5 …, 2006
Predictive value of clinical indices in detecting aspiration in patients with neurological disorders
F Mari, M Matei, MG Ceravolo, A Pisani, A Montesi, L Provinciali
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Multimodal treatment to prevent the late whiplash syndrome.
L Provinciali, M Baroni, L Illuminati, MG Ceravolo
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Post-stroke spasticity management with repeated botulinum toxin injections in the upper limb
G Lagalla, M Danni, F Reiter, MG Ceravolo, L Provinciali
American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation 79 (4), 377-384, 2000
Clinical relevance of action observation in upper-limb stroke rehabilitation: a possible role in recovery of functional dexterity. A randomized clinical trial
M Franceschini, MG Ceravolo, M Agosti, P Cavallini, S Bonassi, ...
Neurorehabilitation and neural repair 26 (5), 456-462, 2012
Influence of early high-dose steroid treatment on Bell's palsy evolution
G Lagalla, F Logullo, P Di Bella, L Provinciali, MG Ceravolo
Neurological Sciences 23 (3), 107-112, 2002
A multidimensional assessment of multiple sclerosis: relationships between disability domains
L Provinciali, MG Ceravolo, M Bartolini, F Logullo, M Danni
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Non-motor symptoms in atypical and secondary parkinsonism: the PRIAMO study
C Colosimo, L Morgante, A Antonini, P Barone, TP Avarello, E Bottacchi, ...
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Electrical stimulation over the left inferior frontal gyrus (IFG) determines long-term effects in the recovery of speech apraxia in three chronic aphasics
P Marangolo, CV Marinelli, S Bonifazi, V Fiori, MG Ceravolo, L Provinciali, ...
Behavioural brain research 225 (2), 498-504, 2011
Prevalence of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in Parkinson's disease
M Gabrielli, P Bonazzi, E Scarpellini, E Bendia, EC Lauritano, A Fasano, ...
Movement Disorders 26 (5), 889-892, 2011
Long-lasting benefits of botulinum toxin type B in Parkinson’s disease-related drooling
G Lagalla, M Millevolte, M Capecci, L Provinciali, MG Ceravolo
Journal of neurology 256 (4), 563, 2009
How many parkinsonian patients are suitable candidates for deep brain stimulation of subthalamic nucleus? Results of a questionnaire
L Morgante, F Morgante, E Moro, A Epifanio, P Girlanda, P Ragonese, ...
Parkinsonism & related disorders 13 (8), 528-531, 2007
Postural rehabilitation and Kinesio taping for axial postural disorders in Parkinson's disease
M Capecci, C Serpicelli, L Fiorentini, G Censi, M Ferretti, C Orni, R Renzi, ...
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Are behaviour and motor performances of rheumatoid arthritis patients influenced by subclinical cognitive impairments? A clinical and neuroimaging study
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Disability changes after treatment of upper limb spasticity with botulinum toxin
F Reiter, M Danni, MG Ceravolo, L Provinciali
Journal of Neurologic Rehabilitation 10 (1), 47-52, 1996
Motivational symptoms of depression mask preclinical Alzheimer’s disease in elderly subjects
M Bartolini, M Coccia, S Luzzi, L Provinciali, MG Ceravolo
Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders 19 (1), 31-36, 2005
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