Qiang Chen (陈强)
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Solution and on-surface synthesis of structurally defined graphene nanoribbons as a new family of semiconductors
A Narita, Z Chen, Q Chen, K Müllen
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Photoswitchable micro-supercapacitor based on a diarylethene-graphene composite film
Z Liu, HI Wang, A Narita, Q Chen, Z Mics, D Turchinovich, M Kläui, ...
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Y Hu, GM Paternò, XY Wang, XC Wang, M Guizzardi, Q Chen, ...
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Synthesis of Dibenzo[hi,st]ovalene and Its Amplified Spontaneous Emission in a Polystyrene Matrix
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Q Chen, L Brambilla, L Daukiya, KS Mali, SD Feyter, M Tommasini, ...
Angewandte Chemie, 2018
Simple and Catalyst-Free Synthesis of meso-O-, -S-, and -C-Substituted Porphyrins
Q Chen, YZ Zhu, QJ Fan, SC Zhang, JY Zheng
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DM Coles, Q Chen, LC Flatten, JM Smith, K Müllen, A Narita, DG Lidzey
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Dibenzo[hi,st]ovalene as Highly Luminescent Nanographene: Efficient Synthesis via Photochemical Cyclodehydroiodination, Optoelectronic Properties, and …
Q Chen, S Thoms, S Stöttinger, D Schollmeyer, K Müllen, A Narita, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (41), 16439-16449, 2019
A highly luminescent nitrogen-doped nanographene as an acid-and metal-sensitive fluorophore for optical imaging
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (27), 10403-10412, 2021
Pump–Push–Probe for Ultrafast All‐Optical Switching: The Case of a Nanographene Molecule
GM Paternò, L Moretti, AJ Barker, Q Chen, K Müllen, A Narita, G Cerullo, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (21), 1805249, 2019
Regioselective Bromination and Functionalization of Dibenzo[hi,st]ovalene as Highly Luminescent Nanographene with Zigzag Edges
Q Chen, D Wang, M Baumgarten, D Schollmeyer, K Müllen, A Narita
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 14 (10), 1703-1707, 2019
Anti-migration and burning rate catalytic performances of novel ferrocene-based porphyrins and their transition-metal complexes
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Q Chen, D Schollmeyer, K Müllen, A Narita
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Modulation of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Dibenzo[hi,st]ovalene by Peripheral Substituents
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M Di Giovannantonio, Q Chen, JI Urgel, P Ruffieux, CA Pignedoli, ...
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E Jin, S Fu, H Hanayama, MA Addicoat, W Wei, Q Chen, R Graf, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61 (5), e202114059, 2022
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