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Protecting entanglement via the quantum Zeno effect
S Maniscalco, F Francica, RL Zaffino, NL Gullo, F Plastina
Physical review letters 100 (9), 090503, 2008
Orthogonality catastrophe as a consequence of qubit embedding in an ultracold Fermi gas
J Goold, T Fogarty, NL Gullo, M Paternostro, T Busch
Physical Review A 84 (6), 063632, 2011
Irreversible work and inner friction in quantum thermodynamic processes
F Plastina, A Alecce, TJG Apollaro, G Falcone, G Francica, F Galve, ...
Physical review letters 113 (26), 260601, 2014
Criticality, factorization, and long-range correlations in the anisotropic X Y model
S Campbell, J Richens, NL Gullo, T Busch
Physical Review A 88 (6), 062305, 2013
Orthogonality catastrophe and decoherence in a trapped-fermion environment
A Sindona, J Goold, NL Gullo, S Lorenzo, F Plastina
Physical review letters 111 (16), 165303, 2013
Hybrid optomechanics for quantum technologies
B Rogers, NL Gullo, G De Chiara, GM Palma, M Paternostro
Quantum Measurements and Quantum Metrology 2 (1), 2014
Statistics of the work distribution for a quenched Fermi gas
A Sindona, J Goold, NL Gullo, F Plastina
New Journal of Physics 16 (4), 045013, 2014
Quantum Otto cycle with inner friction: finite-time and disorder effects
A Alecce, F Galve, NL Gullo, L Dell’Anna, F Plastina, R Zambrini
New Journal of Physics 17 (7), 075007, 2015
Vortex entanglement in Bose-Einstein condensates coupled to Laguerre-Gauss beams
NL Gullo, S McEndoo, T Busch, M Paternostro
Physical Review A 81 (5), 053625, 2010
Critical assessment of two-qubit post-Markovian master equations
S Campbell, A Smirne, L Mazzola, NL Gullo, B Vacchini, T Busch, ...
Physical Review A 85 (3), 032120, 2012
Signatures of the single-particle mobility edge in the ground-state properties of Tonks-Girardeau and noninteracting Fermi gases in a bichromatic potential
J Settino, NL Gullo, A Sindona, J Goold, F Plastina
Physical Review A 95 (3), 033605, 2017
Structural change of vortex patterns in anisotropic Bose-Einstein condensates
NL Gullo, T Busch, M Paternostro
Physical Review A 83 (5), 053612, 2011
Dynamics and energy spectra of aperiodic discrete-time quantum walks
NL Gullo, CV Ambarish, T Busch, L Dell'Anna, CM Chandrashekar
Physical Review E 96 (1), 012111, 2017
Local quench, Majorana zero modes, and disturbance propagation in the Ising chain
G Francica, TJG Apollaro, NL Gullo, F Plastina
Physical Review B 94 (24), 245103, 2016
Non-Markovianity criteria for open system dynamics
NL Gullo, I Sinayskiy, T Busch, F Petruccione
arXiv preprint arXiv:1401.1126, 2014
Self-consistent Keldysh approach to quenches in the weakly interacting Bose-Hubbard model
NL Gullo, L Dell'Anna
Physical Review B 94 (18), 184308, 2016
Decoherence in a fermion environment: Non-Markovianity and Orthogonality Catastrophe
F Plastina, A Sindona, J Goold, N Lo Gullo, S Lorenzo
Open Systems & Information Dynamics 20 (03), 1340005, 2013
Spreading of correlations and Loschmidt echo after quantum quenches of a Bose gas in the Aubry-André potential
NL Gullo, L Dell'Anna
Physical Review A 92 (6), 063619, 2015
Probing mechanical quantum coherence with an ultracold-atom meter
NL Gullo, T Busch, GM Palma, M Paternostro
Physical Review A 84 (6), 063815, 2011
Equivalence classes of Fibonacci lattices and their similarity properties
NL Gullo, L Vittadello, M Bazzan, L Dell'Anna
Physical Review A 94 (2), 023846, 2016
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