Chiara Pagliarani
Chiara Pagliarani
Researcher, Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection, National Research Council
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Anthocyanins double the shelf life of tomatoes by delaying overripening and reducing susceptibility to gray mold
Y Zhang, E Butelli, R De Stefano, H Schoonbeek, A Magusin, ...
Current Biology 23 (12), 1094-1100, 2013
Insights on the impact of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis on tomato tolerance to water stress
W Chitarra, C Pagliarani, B Maserti, E Lumini, I Siciliano, P Cascone, ...
Plant Physiology 171 (2), 1009-1023, 2016
The grapevine root-specific aquaporin VvPIP2; 4N controls root hydraulic conductance and leaf gas exchange under well-watered conditions but not under water stress
I Perrone, G Gambino, W Chitarra, M Vitali, C Pagliarani, N Riccomagno, ...
Plant physiology 160 (2), 965-977, 2012
Recovery from water stress affects grape leaf petiole transcriptome
I Perrone, C Pagliarani, C Lovisolo, W Chitarra, F Roman, A Schubert
Planta 235 (6), 1383-1396, 2012
The functional role of xylem parenchyma cells and aquaporins during recovery from severe water stress
F Secchi, C Pagliarani, MA Zwieniecki
Plant, cell & environment 40 (6), 858-871, 2017
Co-evolution between Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus and Vitis vinifera L. leads to decreased defence responses and increased transcription of…
G Gambino, D Cuozzo, M Fasoli, C Pagliarani, M Vitali, P Boccacci, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 63 (16), 5919-5933, 2012
Gene expression in vessel-associated cells upon xylem embolism repair in Vitis vinifera L. petioles
W Chitarra, R Balestrini, M Vitali, C Pagliarani, I Perrone, A Schubert, ...
Planta 239 (4), 887-899, 2014
The accumulation of miRNAs differentially modulated by drought stress is affected by grafting in grapevine
C Pagliarani, M Vitali, M Ferrero, N Vitulo, M Incarbone, C Lovisolo, ...
Plant Physiology 173 (4), 2180-2195, 2017
The pitfalls of invivo imaging techniques: evidence for cellular damage caused by synchrotron X‐ray computed micro‐tomography
F Petruzzellis, C Pagliarani, T Savi, A Losso, S Cavalletto, G Tromba, ...
New Phytologist 220 (1), 104-110, 2018
Characterization of a multifunctional caffeoyl-CoA O-methyltransferase activated in grape berries upon drought stress
D Giordano, S Provenzano, A Ferrandino, M Vitali, C Pagliarani, F Roman, ...
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 101, 23-32, 2016
miRVIT: a novel miRNA database and its application to uncover vitis responses to flavescence dore infection
W Chitarra, C Pagliarani, S Abb, P Boccacci, G Birello, M Rossi, ...
Frontiers in plant science 9, 1034, 2018
Exogenous strigolactone interacts with abscisic acid-mediated accumulation of anthocyanins in grapevine berries
M Ferrero, C Pagliarani, O Novk, A Ferrandino, F Cardinale, I Visentin, ...
Journal of experimental botany 69 (9), 2391-2401, 2018
Priming xylem for stress recovery depends on coordinated activity of sugar metabolic pathways and changes in xylem sap pH
C Pagliarani, V Casolo, M Ashofteh Beiragi, S Cavalletto, I Siciliano, ...
Plant, cell & environment 42 (6), 1775-1787, 2019
Improved fluorescence‐based evaluation of flavonoid in red and white winegrape cultivars
A Ferrandino, C Pagliarani, A Carlomagno, V Novello, A Schubert, ...
Australian journal of grape and wine research 23 (2), 207-214, 2017
A novel strigolactone‐miR156 module controls stomatal behaviour during drought recovery
I Visentin, C Pagliarani, E Deva, A Caracci, V Turečkov, O Novk, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment, 2020
Dissecting interplays between Vitis vinifera L. and grapevine virus B (GVB) under field conditions
W Chitarra, D Cuozzo, A Ferrandino, F Secchi, S Palmano, I Perrone, ...
Molecular plant pathology 19 (12), 2651-2666, 2018
Effects of Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus on Vitis Vinifera L.
G Gambino, D Cuozzo, M Fasoli, C Pagliarani, M Vitali, P Boccacci, ...
17th Congress of International Council for the Study of Virus and Virus-like…, 2012
Grapevine Phyllosphere Community Analysis in Response to Elicitor Application against Powdery Mildew
L Nerva, C Pagliarani, M Pugliese, M Monchiero, S Gonthier, ML Gullino, ...
Microorganisms 7 (12), 662, 2019
Small RNA Mobility: Spread of RNA Silencing Effectors and its Effect on Developmental Processes and Stress Adaptation in Plants
C Pagliarani, G Gambino
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (17), 4306, 2019
Distinct Metabolic Signals Underlie Clone by Environment Interplay in “Nebbiolo” Grapes Over Ripening
C Pagliarani, P Boccacci, W Chitarra, E Cosentino, M Sandri, I Perrone, ...
Frontiers in plant science 10, 1575, 2019
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