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Graphene oxide nanoplatelets composite membrane with hydrophilic and antifouling properties for wastewater treatment
J Lee, HR Chae, YJ Won, K Lee, CH Lee, HH Lee, IC Kim, J Lee
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Crossing the border between laboratory and field: bacterial quorum quenching for anti-biofouling strategy in an MBR
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Isolation and Identification of Indigenous Quorum Quenching Bacteria, Pseudomonas sp. 1A1, for Biofouling Control in MBR
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Design of quorum quenching microbial vessel to enhance cell viability for biofouling control in membrane bioreactor
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Application of quorum quenching bacteria entrapping sheets to enhance biofouling control in a membrane bioreactor with a hollow fiber module
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More efficient media design for enhanced biofouling control in a membrane bioreactor: quorum quenching bacteria entrapping hollow cylinder
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Fungal quorum quenching: a paradigm shift for energy savings in membrane bioreactor (MBR) for wastewater treatment
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Effect of the shape and size of quorum-quenching media on biofouling control in membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment
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Effects of quorum quenching on the microbial community of biofilm in an anoxic/oxic mbr for wastewater treatment
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Osmotically driven membrane processes: Exploring the potential of branched polyethyleneimine as draw solute using porous FO membranes with NF separation layers
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Journal of Membrane Science 511, 278-288, 2016
Stopping Autoinducer-2 Chatter by Means of an Indigenous Bacterium (Acinetobacter sp. DKY-1): A New Antibiofouling Strategy in a Membrane Bioreactor for…
K Lee, YW Kim, S Lee, SH Lee, CH Nahm, H Kwon, PK Park, KH Choo, ...
Environmental science & technology 52 (11), 6237-6245, 2018
Enhancing the physical properties and lifespan of bacterial quorum quenching media through combination of ionic cross-linking and dehydration
SH Lee, S Lee, K Lee, CH Nahm, SJ Jo, J Lee, KH Choo, JK Lee, CH Lee, ...
J. Microbiol. Biotechnol 27 (3), 552-560, 2017
Mitigation of membrane biofouling in MBR using a cellulolytic bacterium, undibacterium sp. DM-1, isolated from activated sludge
CH Nahm, S Lee, SH Lee, K Lee, J Lee, H Kwon, KH Choo, JK Lee, ...
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Membrane biofouling behaviors at cold temperatures in pilot-scale hollow fiber membrane bioreactors with quorum quenching
K Lee, JS Park, T Iqbal, CH Nahm, PK Park, KH Choo
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Effects of Quorum Quenching on Biofilm Metacommunity in a Membrane Bioreactor
SY Jeong, CH Lee, T Yi, TG Kim
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Quorum sensing: an emerging link between temperature and membrane biofouling in membrane bioreactors
CH Nahm, K Kim, S Min, H Lee, D Chae, K Lee, KH Choo, CH Lee, ...
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Impact of quorum quenching bacteria on biofouling retardation in submerged membrane bioreactor (SMBR)
S Pervez, SJ Khan, H Waheed, I Hashmi, CH Lee
Membr Water Treat 9 (4), 279-284, 2018
Quorum quenching bacteria encapsulating media: A more efficient media design for enhanced quorum quenching in MBR
SH Lee
International Workshop on MBR/QQ-MBR, 0
Container with biofilm formation-inhibiting microorganisms immobilized therein and membrane water treatment apparatus using the same
C Lee, SK Lee, K Lee, SH Lee, DC Choi
US Patent App. 14/883,354, 2016
Effective biofilm control in a membrane biofilm reactor using a quenching bacterium (Rhodococcus sp. BH4)
B Taşkan, H Hasar, CH Lee
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 117 (4), 1012-1023, 2020
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