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Josh Clevenger
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The genome sequences of Arachis duranensis and Arachis ipaensis, the diploid ancestors of cultivated peanut
DJ Bertioli, SB Cannon, L Froenicke, G Huang, AD Farmer, EKS Cannon, ...
Nature genetics 48 (4), 438-446, 2016
What lies beyond the eye: the molecular mechanisms regulating tomato fruit weight and shape
E van der Knaap, M Chakrabarti, YH Chu, JP Clevenger, E Illa-Berenguer, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 5, 227, 2014
Single nucleotide polymorphism identification in polyploids: a review, example, and recommendations
J Clevenger, C Chavarro, SA Pearl, P Ozias-Akins, SA Jackson
Molecular plant 8 (6), 831-846, 2015
Development and evaluation of a high density genotyping ‘Axiom_ Arachis’ array with 58 K SNPs for accelerating genetics and breeding in groundnut
MK Pandey, G Agarwal, SM Kale, J Clevenger, SN Nayak, M Sriswathi, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
The genome sequence of segmental allotetraploid peanut Arachis hypogaea
DJ Bertioli, J Jenkins, J Clevenger, O Dudchenko, D Gao, G Seijo, ...
Nature genetics 51 (5), 877-884, 2019
A developmental transcriptome map for allotetraploid Arachis hypogaea
J Clevenger, Y Chu, B Scheffler, P Ozias-Akins
Frontiers in plant science 7, 1446, 2016
Genome-wide SNP genotyping resolves signatures of selection and tetrasomic recombination in peanut
J Clevenger, Y Chu, C Chavarro, G Agarwal, DJ Bertioli, ...
Molecular plant 10 (2), 309-322, 2017
SWEEP: A tool for filtering high-quality SNPs in polyploid crops
JP Clevenger, P Ozias-Akins
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 5 (9), 1797-1803, 2015
Tetrasomic recombination is surprisingly frequent in allotetraploid Arachis
S Leal-Bertioli, K Shirasawa, B Abernathy, M Moretzsohn, C Chavarro, ...
Genetics 199 (4), 1093-1105, 2015
Mapping late leaf spot resistance in peanut (Arachis hypogaea) using QTL-seq reveals markers for marker-assisted selection
J Clevenger, Y Chu, C Chavarro, S Botton, A Culbreath, TG Isleib, ...
Frontiers in plant science 9, 83, 2018
High‐density genetic map using whole‐genome resequencing for fine mapping and candidate gene discovery for disease resistance in peanut
G Agarwal, J Clevenger, MK Pandey, H Wang, Y Shasidhar, Y Chu, ...
Plant biotechnology journal 16 (11), 1954-1967, 2018
The control of tomato fruit elongation orchestrated by sun, ovate and fs8. 1 in a wild relative of tomato
S Wu, JP Clevenger, L Sun, S Visa, Y Kamiya, Y Jikumaru, J Blakeslee, ...
Plant Science 238, 95-104, 2015
Gene expression profiling describes the genetic regulation of Meloidogyne arenaria resistance in Arachis hypogaea and reveals a candidate gene for resistance
J Clevenger, Y Chu, LA Guimaraes, T Maia, D Bertioli, S Leal-Bertioli, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-14, 2017
Haplotype-based genotyping in polyploids
JP Clevenger, W Korani, P Ozias-Akins, S Jackson
Frontiers in plant science 9, 564, 2018
Candidate gene selection and detailed morphological evaluations of fs8.1, a quantitative trait locus controlling tomato fruit shape
L Sun, GR Rodriguez, JP Clevenger, E Illa-Berenguer, J Lin, JJ Blakeslee, ...
Journal of experimental botany 66 (20), 6471-6482, 2015
Network analyses reveal shifts in transcript profiles and metabolites that accompany the expression of SUN and an elongated tomato fruit
JP Clevenger, J Van Houten, M Blackwood, GR Rodrguez, Y Jikumaru, ...
Plant physiology 168 (3), 1164-1178, 2015
A SNP-based linkage map revealed QTLs for resistance to early and late leaf spot diseases in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
S Han, M Yuan, JP Clevenger, C Li, A Hagan, X Zhang, C Chen, G He
Frontiers in plant science 9, 1012, 2018
Genotypic regulation of aflatoxin accumulation but not Aspergillus fungal growth upon post-harvest infection of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) seeds
WA Korani, Y Chu, C Holbrook, J Clevenger, P Ozias-Akins
Toxins 9 (7), 218, 2017
Identification of rare recombinants leads to tightly linked markers for nematode resistance in peanut
Y Chu, R Gill, J Clevenger, P Timper, CC Holbrook, P Ozias-Akins
Peanut Science 43 (2), 88-93, 2016
Gene expression profiling during seed-filling process in peanut with emphasis on oil biosynthesis networks
K Gupta, G Kayam, A Faigenboim-Doron, J Clevenger, P Ozias-Akins, ...
Plant Science 248, 116-127, 2016
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