Xavier Isidro Pereira Hernandez
Xavier Isidro Pereira Hernandez
Ph.D. Student Chemical Engineering, Washington State University
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J Jones, H Xiong, AT DeLaRiva, EJ Peterson, H Pham, SR Challa, G Qi, ...
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Steam reforming of simulated bio-oil on K-Ni-Cu-Mg-Ce-O/Al2O3: The effect of K
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2017 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2017
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Tailoring the Local Environment of Platinum in Single‐Atom Pt1/CeO2 Catalysts for Robust Low‐Temperature CO Oxidation
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Identification of single Ru (II) ions on ceria as a highly active catalyst for abatement of NOx pollutants
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Functional CeOx nanoglues for efficient and robust atomically dispersed catalysts
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Increasing Al-pair abundance in SSZ-13 zeolite via zeolite synthesis in the presence of alkaline earth metal hydroxide produces hydro-thermally stable Cobalt and Pd-SSZ-13 …
K Khivantsev, MA Derewinski, NR Jaegers, D Boglaienko, XIP Hernandez, ...
Engineering catalyst supports to stabilize Pd/PdO 2D rafts for water-tolerant methane oxidation
H Xiong, D Kunwar, C García-Vargas, G Canning, D Jiang, ...
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