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Effect of Nature and Location of Defects on Bandgap Narrowing in Black TiO2 Nanoparticles
A Naldoni, M Allieta, S Santangelo, M Marelli, F Fabbri, S Cappelli, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (18), 7600-7603, 2012
Zn vacancy induced green luminescence on non-polar surfaces in ZnO nanostructures
F Fabbri, M Villani, A Catellani, A Calzolari, G Cicero, D Calestani, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-6, 2014
ZnS and ZnO Nanosheets from ZnS (en) 0.5 Precursor: Nanoscale Structure and Photocatalytic Properties
L Nasi, D Calestani, T Besagni, P Ferro, F Fabbri, F Licci, R Mosca
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (12), 6960-6965, 2012
Controlling the Surface Energetics and Kinetics of Hematite Photoanodes Through Few Atomic Layers of NiOx
F Malara, F Fabbri, M Marelli, A Naldoni
ACS Catalysis 6 (6), 3619-3628, 2016
Porphyrin conjugated SiC/SiO x nanowires for X-ray-excited photodynamic therapy
F Rossi, E Bedogni, F Bigi, T Rimoldi, L Cristofolini, S Pinelli, R Alinovi, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-6, 2015
Unpredicted Nucleation of Extended Zinc Blende Phases in Wurtzite ZnO Nanotetrapod Arms
L Lazzarini, G Salviati, F Fabbri, M Zha, D Calestani, A Zappettini, ...
ACS nano 3 (10), 3158-3164, 2009
ε-Ga2O3 epilayers as a material for solar-blind UV photodetectors
M Pavesi, F Fabbri, F Boschi, G Piacentini, A Baraldi, M Bosi, E Gombia, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 205, 502-507, 2018
Electron-beam-induced current study of stacking faults and partial dislocations in Schottky diode
B Chen, J Chen, T Sekiguchi, T Ohyanagi, H Matsuhata, A Kinoshita, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (3), 033514, 2008
Solution Growth and Cathodoluminescence of Novel SnO2 Core− Shell Homogeneous Microspheres
Y Han, X Wu, G Shen, B Dierre, L Gong, F Qu, Y Bando, T Sekiguchi, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (18), 8235-8240, 2010
Novel near-infrared emission from crystal defects in MoS 2 multilayer flakes
F Fabbri, E Rotunno, E Cinquanta, D Campi, E Bonnini, D Kaplan, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-7, 2016
PEDOT: PSS interfaces support the development of neuronal synaptic networks with reduced neuroglia response in vitro
G Cellot, P Lagonegro, G Tarabella, D Scaini, F Fabbri, S Iannotta, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 9, 521, 2016
Enhancement of the core near-band-edge emission induced by an amorphous shell in coaxial one-dimensional nanostructure: the case of SiC/SiO2 core/shell self-organized nanowires
F Fabbri, F Rossi, G Attolini, G Salviati, S Iannotta, L Aversa, R Verucchi, ...
Nanotechnology 21 (34), 345702, 2010
Visible and infra-red light emission in boron-doped wurtzite silicon nanowires
F Fabbri, E Rotunno, L Lazzarini, N Fukata, G Salviati
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-7, 2014
Preparing the way for doping wurtzite silicon nanowires while retaining the phase
F Fabbri, E Rotunno, L Lazzarini, D Cavalcoli, A Castaldini, N Fukata, ...
Nano letters 13 (12), 5900-5906, 2013
Luminescence properties of SiC/SiO 2 core–shell nanowires with different radial structure
F Fabbri, F Rossi, G Attolini, G Salviati, B Dierre, T Sekiguchi, N Fukata
Materials Letters 71, 137-140, 2012
The critical role of intragap states in the energy transfer from gold nanoparticles to TiO 2
A Naldoni, F Fabbri, M Altomare, M Marelli, R Psaro, E Selli, G Salviati, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (7), 4864-4869, 2015
A new growth method for the synthesis of 3C–SiC nanowires
G Attolini, F Rossi, F Fabbri, M Bosi, BE Watts, G Salviati
Materials Letters 63 (29), 2581-2583, 2009
Investigation of emitting centers in SiO2 codoped with silicon nanoclusters and Er3+ ions by cathodoluminescence technique
S Cueff, C Labb, B Dierre, F Fabbri, T Sekiguchi, X Portier, R Rizk
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (11), 113504, 2010
Mesoporous single-crystal ZnO nanobelts: supported preparation and patterning
L Nasi, D Calestani, F Fabbri, P Ferro, T Besagni, P Fedeli, F Licci, ...
Nanoscale mapping of plasmon and exciton in ZnO tetrapods coupled with Au nanoparticles
G Bertoni, F Fabbri, M Villani, L Lazzarini, S Turner, G Van Tendeloo, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
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