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Soft colloids make strong glasses
J Mattsson, HM Wyss, A Fernandez-Nieves, K Miyazaki, Z Hu, ...
Nature 462 (7269), 83-86, 2009
Single line particle focusing induced by viscoelasticity of the suspending liquid: theory, experiments and simulations to design a micropipe flow-focuser
G D'Avino, G Romeo, MM Villone, F Greco, PA Netti, PL Maffettone
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α, α-Trehalose/water solutions. 5. Hydration and viscosity in dilute and semidilute disaccharide solutions
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Particle alignment in a viscoelastic liquid flowing in a square-shaped microchannel
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Temperature‐Controlled Transitions Between Glass, Liquid, and Gel States in Dense p‐NIPA Suspensions
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Temperature effect on the electrical resistivity of metal/polymer composites
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Origin of de-swelling and dynamics of dense ionic microgel suspensions
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Viscoelasticity and structure of polystyrene/fumed silica nanocomposites: filler network and hydrodynamic contributions
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Elasticity of compressed microgel suspensions
G Romeo, MP Ciamarra
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Light selective structures for large scale natural air conditioning
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Highly Efficient Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrate Formulation by Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticles Physisorbed on Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide …
AC Manikas, G Romeo, A Papa, PA Netti
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Effects of particle dimension and matrix viscosity on the colloidal aggregation in weakly interacting polymer-nanoparticle composites: a linear viscoelastic analysis
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Role of Interface Rheology in Altering the Onset of Co‐Continuity in Nanoparticle‐Filled Polymer Blends
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Rheological Aspects of PP‐TiO2 Micro and Nanocomposites: A Preliminary Investigation
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Two-way communication with a single quantum particle
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Kinetics of thermal and photochemical decomposition of cis-and trans-dicyanotetrakis (methylisocyanide) iron (II)
G Condorelli, L Giallongo, A Gluffrida, G Romeo
Inorganica Chimica Acta 7, 7-10, 1973
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