Marta d'Amora
Marta d'Amora
Post Doc in Advanced Materials/Plasmon Nanotechnologies, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
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Gated CW-STED microscopy: a versatile tool for biological nanometer scale investigation
G Vicidomini, IC Hernßndez, M d’Amora, FC Zanacchi, P Bianchini, ...
Methods 66 (2), 124-130, 2014
Two-photon excitation STED microscopy with time-gated detection
IC Hernßndez, M Castello, L Lanzan˛, M d’Amora, P Bianchini, A Diaspro, ...
Scientific reports 6, 19419, 2016
Biocompatibility and biodistribution of functionalized carbon nano-onions (f-CNOs) in a vertebrate model
M d’Amora, M Rodio, J Bartelmess, G Sancataldo, R Brescia, ...
Scientific reports 6, 33923, 2016
A new filtering technique for removing anti‐Stokes emission background in gated CW‐STED microscopy
I Coto HernÓndez, C Peres, F Cella Zanacchi, M d'Amora, ...
Journal of biophotonics 7 (6), 376-380, 2014
The impact of long-term exposure to space environment on adult mammalian organisms: a study on mouse thyroid and testis
MA Masini, E Albi, C Barmo, T Bonfiglio, L Bruni, L Canesi, S Cataldi, ...
PloS one 7 (4), e35418, 2012
Toxicity assessment of carbon nanomaterials in zebrafish during development
M d’Amora, A Camisasca, S Lettieri, S Giordani
Nanomaterials 7 (12), 414, 2017
4D (xyzt) imaging of thick biological samples by means of Two-Photon inverted Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (2PE-iSPIM)
Z Lavagnino, G Sancataldo, M d’Amora, P Follert, DDP Tonelli, A Diaspro, ...
Scientific reports 6, 23923, 2016
Influence of laser intensity noise on gated CW-STED microscopy
IC HernÓndez, M d’Amora, A Diaspro, G Vicidomini
Laser Physics Letters 11 (9), 095603, 2014
New insights into the neuroanatomical distribution and phylogeny of opioids and POMC-derived peptides in fish
M Vallarino, M d’Amora, RM Dores
General and comparative endocrinology 177 (3), 338-347, 2012
Far-red fluorescent carbon nano-onions as a biocompatible platform for cellular imaging
S Lettieri, A Camisasca, M d'Amora, A Diaspro, T Uchida, Y Nakajima, ...
RSC Advances 7 (72), 45676-45681, 2017
PEGylated gold nanorods as optical trackers for biomedical applications: an in vivo and in vitro comparative study
GN Abdelrasoul, R Magrassi, S Dante, M d’Amora, MS d’Abbusco, ...
Nanotechnology 27 (25), 255101, 2016
Expression of PINK1 in the brain, eye and ear of mouse during embryonic development
M d’Amora, C Angelini, M Marcoli, C Cervetto, T Kitada, M Vallarino
Journal of chemical neuroanatomy 41 (2), 73-85, 2011
Fluorescent single-digit detonation nanodiamond for biomedical applications
N Nunn, M d’Amora, N Prabhakar, AM Panich, N Froumin, MD Torelli, ...
Methods and applications in fluorescence 6 (3), 035010, 2018
Biodistribution and biocompatibility of passion fruit-like nano-architectures in zebrafish
M d’Amora, D Cassano, S PocovÝ-MartÝnez, S Giordani, V Voliani
Nanotoxicology 12 (8), 914-922, 2018
Carbon nano-onions as fluorescent on/off modulated nanoprobes for diagnostics
S Lettieri, M d’Amora, A Camisasca, A Diaspro, S Giordani
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 8 (1), 1878-1888, 2017
The utility of Zebrafish as a model for screening developmental neurotoxicity
S Giordani, M d'Amora
Frontiers in neuroscience 12, 976, 2018
Carbon Nanomaterials for Nanomedicine
M d’Amora, S Giordani
Smart Nanoparticles for Biomedicine, 103-113, 2018
Eco-Friendly Processing for Engineering Bio-Safe Quantum Dots and their Interaction with Biological Systems
M d'Amora, M Rodio, A Diaspro, R Intartaglia
Biophysical Journal 112 (3), 26a, 2017
Expression pattern of mUBPy in the brain and sensory organs of mouse during embryonic development
M d'Amora, C Angelini, MG Aluigi, M Marcoli, G Maura, G Berruti, ...
Brain research 1355, 16-30, 2010
Distribution Pattern of Tyrosine Hydroxylase in the Brain and Pituitary of the Lungfish Protopterus annectens
F Bruzzone, M d’Amora, C Angelini, M Vallarino
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1163 (1), 358-360, 2009
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