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FOXA1 is a key determinant of estrogen receptor function and endocrine response
A Hurtado, KA Holmes, CS Ross-Innes, D Schmidt, JS Carroll
Nature genetics 43 (1), 27-33, 2011
A CTCF-independent role for cohesin in tissue-specific transcription
D Schmidt, PC Schwalie, CS Ross-Innes, A Hurtado, GD Brown, ...
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Regulation of ERBB2 by oestrogen receptor–PAX2 determines response to tamoxifen
A Hurtado, KA Holmes, TR Geistlinger, IR Hutcheson, RI Nicholson, ...
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ZNF703 is a common Luminal B breast cancer oncogene that differentially regulates luminal and basal progenitors in human mammary epithelium
DG Holland, A Burleigh, A Git, MA Goldgraben, PA Perez‐Mancera, ...
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Effects of a high olive oil diet on the clinical behavior and histopathological features of rat DMBA-induced mammary tumors compared with a high corn oil diet
M Solanas, A Hurtado, I Costa, R Moral, JA Menendez, R Colomer, ...
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The liver receptor homolog-1 regulates estrogen receptor expression in breast cancer cells
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DNA methylation at enhancers identifies distinct breast cancer lineages
T Fleischer, X Tekpli, A Mathelier, S Wang, D Nebdal, HP Dhakal, ...
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Transducin-like enhancer protein 1 mediates estrogen receptor binding and transcriptional activity in breast cancer cells
KA Holmes, A Hurtado, GD Brown, R Launchbury, CS Ross-Innes, ...
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Identification of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells in the reactive stroma of a prostate cancer xenograft by side population analysis
A Santamaria-Martnez, J Barquinero, A Barbosa-Desongles, A Hurtado, ...
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The 5p12 breast cancer susceptibility locus affects MRPS30 expression in estrogen-receptor positive tumors
DA Quigley, E Fiorito, S Nord, P Van Loo, GG Alns, T Fleischer, J Tost, ...
Molecular oncology 8 (2), 273-284, 2014
Estrogen receptor beta displays cell cycle-dependent expression and regulates the G1 phase through a non-genomic mechanism in prostate carcinoma cells
A Hurtado, T Pins, A Barbosa-Desongles, S Lpez-Avils, J Barquinero, ...
Analytical Cellular Pathology 30 (4), 349-365, 2008
Switch in FOXA1 status associates with endometrial cancer progression
IL Tangen, C Krakstad, MK Halle, HMJ Werner, AM yan, K Kusonmano, ...
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CTCF modulates Estrogen Receptor function through specific chromatin and nuclear matrix interactions
E Fiorito, Y Sharma, S Gilfillan, S Wang, SK Singh, SV Satheesh, ...
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HER2 expression patterns in paired primary and metastatic endometrial cancer lesions
MK Halle, IL Tangen, HF Berg, EA Hoivik, KK Mauland, K Kusonmano, ...
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Identification, characterization and expression of novel Sex Hormone Binding Globulin alternative first exons in the human prostate
T Pins, A Barbosa-Desongles, A Hurtado, A Santamaria-Martnez, ...
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Cooperating transcription factors mediate the function of estrogen receptor
E Fiorito, MR Katika, A Hurtado
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Functional genomic methods to study estrogen receptor activity
S Gilfillan, E Fiorito, A Hurtado
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High throughput chemical screening reveals multiple regulatory proteins on FOXA1 in breast cancer cell lines
S Wang, SK Singh, MR Katika, S Lopez-Aviles, A Hurtado
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Modulation of gene transcription and epigenetics of colon carcinoma cells by bacterial membrane vesicles
S Vdovikova, S Gilfillan, S Wang, M Dongre, SN Wai, A Hurtado
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-10, 2018
A functional link between FOXA1 and breast cancer SNPs
MR Katika, A Hurtado
Breast Cancer Research 15 (1), 1-2, 2013
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