Carsten Hoege
Carsten Hoege
MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany
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RAD6-dependent DNA repair is linked to modification of PCNA by ubiquitin and SUMO
C Hoege, B Pfander, GL Moldovan, G Pyrowolakis, S Jentsch
Nature 419 (6903), 135, 2002
Germline P granules are liquid droplets that localize by controlled dissolution/condensation
CP Brangwynne, CR Eckmann, DS Courson, A Rybarska, C Hoege, ...
Science 324 (5935), 1729-1732, 2009
Ubiquitin and proteasomes: Sumo, ubiquitin's mysterious cousin
S Mller, C Hoege, G Pyrowolakis, S Jentsch
Nature reviews Molecular cell biology 2 (3), 202, 2001
SUMO-modified PCNA recruits Srs2 to prevent recombination during S phase
B Pfander, GL Moldovan, M Sacher, C Hoege, S Jentsch
nature 436 (7049), 428, 2005
A series of ubiquitin binding factors connects CDC48/p97 to substrate multiubiquitylation and proteasomal targeting
H Richly, M Rape, S Braun, S Rumpf, C Hoege, S Jentsch
Cell 120 (1), 73-84, 2005
Control of Rad52 recombination activity by double-strand break-induced SUMO modification
M Sacher, B Pfander, C Hoege, S Jentsch
Nature cell biology 8 (11), 1284, 2006
Polar positioning of phase-separated liquid compartments in cells regulated by an mRNA competition mechanism
S Saha, CA Weber, M Nousch, O Adame-Arana, C Hoege, MY Hein, ...
Cell 166 (6), 1572-1584. e16, 2016
The Rho GTPase-activating proteins RGA-3 and RGA-4 are required to set the initial size of PAR domains in Caenorhabditis elegans one-cell embryos
S Schonegg, AT Constantinescu, C Hoege, AA Hyman
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (38), 14976-14981, 2007
PAR proteins diffuse freely across the anterior–posterior boundary in polarized C. elegans embryos
NW Goehring, C Hoege, SW Grill, AA Hyman
The Journal of cell biology 193 (3), 583-594, 2011
LGL can partition the cortex of one-cell Caenorhabditis elegans embryos into two domains
C Hoege, AT Constantinescu, A Schwager, NW Goehring, P Kumar, ...
Current Biology 20 (14), 1296-1303, 2010
Cell cycle progression requires the CDC-48UFD− 1/NPL− 4 complex for efficient DNA replication
J Mouysset, A Deichsel, S Moser, C Hoege, AA Hyman, A Gartner, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (35), 12879-12884, 2008
Characterization of protein dynamics in asymmetric cell division by scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Z Petršek, C Hoege, A Mashaghi, T Ohrt, AA Hyman, P Schwille
Biophysical journal 95 (11), 5476-5486, 2008
Principles of PAR polarity in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos
C Hoege, AA Hyman
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 14 (5), 315, 2013
Guiding self-organized pattern formation in cell polarity establishment
P Gross, KV Kumar, NW Goehring, JS Bois, C Hoege, F Jlicher, SW Grill
Nature Physics 15 (3), 293, 2019
Two-photon fluorescence imaging and correlation analysis applied to protein dynamics in C. elegans embryo
Z Petršek, C Hoege, AA Hyman, P Schwille
Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences VIII 6860, 68601L, 2008
In vitro Reconstitution of a Membrane Switch Mechanism for the Polarity Protein LGL
I Visco, C Hoege, AA Hyman, P Schwille
Journal of molecular biology 428 (24), 4828-4842, 2016
RAD6 dependent DNA repair is linked to modification of PCNA by ubiquitin and SUMO
C Hoege, B Pfander, GL Moldovan, G Pyrowolakis, S Jentsch
Yeast 20, S147-S147, 2003
RAD6-abhngige DNA-Reparatur wird durch Ubiquitin-und SUMO-Modifikation von PCNA reguliert
C Hge
lmu, 2002
A pattern-formation mechanism that bases on mechanochemical feedback drives the dynamics of PAR polarity establishment in C. elegans zygotes.
P Gross, K Kumar, JS Bois, NW Goehring, C Hoege, F Julicher, SW Grill
An mRNA competition mechanism regulates localized phase separation of liquid-like P granules in C-elegans embryo.
S Saha, CA Weber, M Nousch, C Hoege, O Adame-Arana, M Hein, ...
American Society for Cell Biology, 2016
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