Christian Hartinger
Christian Hartinger
Professor of Chemistry, University of Auckland
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From bench to bedside–preclinical and early clinical development of the anticancer agent indazolium trans-[tetrachlorobis (1H-indazole) ruthenate (III)](KP1019 or FFC14A)
CG Hartinger, S Zorbas-Seifried, MA Jakupec, B Kynast, H Zorbas, ...
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Bioorganometallic chemistry—from teaching paradigms to medicinal applications
CG Hartinger, PJ Dyson
Chemical Society Reviews 38 (2), 391-401, 2009
KP1019, a new redox‐active anticancer agent–Preclinical development and results of a clinical phase I study in tumor patients
CG Hartinger, MA Jakupec, S Zorbas‐Seifried, M Groessl, A Egger, ...
Chemistry & biodiversity 5 (10), 2140-2155, 2008
Interactions of antitumor metallodrugs with serum proteins: advances in characterization using modern analytical methodology
AR Timerbaev, CG Hartinger, SS Aleksenko, BK Keppler
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Antitumour metal compounds: more than theme and variations
MA Jakupec, M Galanski, VB Arion, CG Hartinger, BK Keppler
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Challenges and opportunities in the development of organometallic anticancer drugs
CG Hartinger, N Metzler-Nolte, PJ Dyson
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Anticancer activity of metal complexes: involvement of redox processes
U Jungwirth, CR Kowol, BK Keppler, CG Hartinger, W Berger, P Heffeter
Antioxidants & redox signaling 15 (4), 1085-1127, 2011
Emerging protein targets for anticancer metallodrugs: inhibition of thioredoxin reductase and cathepsin B by antitumor ruthenium (II)− arene compounds
A Casini, C Gabbiani, F Sorrentino, MP Rigobello, A Bindoli, TJ Geldbach, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 51 (21), 6773-6781, 2008
Gold (III) compounds as anticancer agents: relevance of gold–protein interactions for their mechanism of action
A Casini, C Hartinger, C Gabbiani, E Mini, PJ Dyson, BK Keppler, ...
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 102 (3), 564-575, 2008
Transferrin binding and transferrin-mediated cellular uptake of the ruthenium coordination compound KP1019, studied by means of AAS, ESI-MS and CD spectroscopy
M Pongratz, P Schluga, MA Jakupec, VB Arion, CG Hartinger, G Allmaier, ...
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 19 (1), 46-51, 2004
The ruthenium (II)–arene compound RAPTA-C induces apoptosis in EAC cells through mitochondrial and p53–JNK pathways
S Chatterjee, S Kundu, A Bhattacharyya, CG Hartinger, PJ Dyson
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 13 (7), 1149, 2008
The development of RAPTA compounds for the treatment of tumors
BS Murray, MV Babak, CG Hartinger, PJ Dyson
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 306, 86-114, 2016
Resistance against novel anticancer metal compounds: differences and similarities
P Heffeter, U Jungwirth, M Jakupec, C Hartinger, M Galanski, L Elbling, ...
Drug resistance updates 11 (1-2), 1-16, 2008
Structure−Activity Relationships for NAMI-A-type Complexes (HL)[trans-RuCl4L(S-dmso)ruthenate(III)] (L = Imidazole, Indazole, 1,2,4-Triazole, 4-Amino-1,2,4á…
M Groessl, E Reisner, CG Hartinger, R Eichinger, O Semenova, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 50 (9), 2185-2193, 2007
Pharmacokinetics of a novel anticancer ruthenium complex (KP1019, FFC14A) in a phase I dose-escalation study
F Lentz, A Drescher, A Lindauer, M Henke, RA Hilger, CG Hartinger, ...
Anti-cancer drugs 20 (2), 97-103, 2009
Opening the lid on piano-stool complexes: an account of ruthenium (II)–arene complexes with medicinal applications
AA Nazarov, CG Hartinger, PJ Dyson
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 751, 251-260, 2014
Influence of the Spacer Length on the in Vitro Anticancer Activity of Dinuclear Ruthenium−Arene Compounds
MG Mendoza-Ferri, CG Hartinger, RE Eichinger, N Stolyarova, K Severin, ...
Organometallics 27 (11), 2405-2407, 2008
Redox-active antineoplastic ruthenium complexes with indazole: correlation of in vitro potency and reduction potential
MA Jakupec, E Reisner, A Eichinger, M Pongratz, VB Arion, M Galanski, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 48 (8), 2831-2837, 2005
Redox behavior of tumor-inhibiting ruthenium (III) complexes and effects of physiological reductants on their binding to GMP
P Schluga, CG Hartinger, A Egger, E Reisner, M Galanski, MA Jakupec, ...
Dalton transactions, 1796-1802, 2006
Transferring the concept of multinuclearity to ruthenium complexes for improvement of anticancer activity
MG Mendoza-Ferri, CG Hartinger, MA Mendoza, M Groessl, AE Egger, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 52 (4), 916-925, 2009
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