Alla Silina; Алла Силина
Alla Silina; Алла Силина
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Growth variability and feeding of scallop Patinopecten yessoensis on different bottom sediments: evidence from fatty acid analysis
AV Silina, NV Zhukova
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Spatial heterogeneity and long-term changes in bivalveAnadara broughtoni population: influence of river run-off and fishery
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The effect of muddy bottom sediment on the abundance and life span of the barnacle, Hesperibalanus hesperius, epizoic on scallop shells
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Многолетние изменения полихетной биоэрозии раковин гребешка Mizuhopecten yessoensis из северо-западной части Японского моря
АВ Силина
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A study of the individual age and growth in sea scallops by the microsculpture of the outer shell surface.
AV Silina
International Pectinid Workshop, 8. Cherbourg, France. 22-29 May 1991., 1991
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