Aram Megighian
Aram Megighian
Department of Biomedical Sciences - University of Padua
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Mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis in myopathic mice with collagen VI deficiency
WA Irwin, N Bergamin, P Sabatelli, C Reggiani, A Megighian, L Merlini, ...
Nature genetics 35 (4), 367, 2003
Denervation in murine fast-twitch muscle: short-term physiological changes and temporal expression profiling
A Raffaello, P Laveder, C Romualdi, C Bean, L Toniolo, E Germinario, ...
Physiological Genomics 25 (1), 60-74, 2006
Thioredoxin and its reductase are present on synaptic vesicles, and their inhibition prevents the paralysis induced by botulinum neurotoxins
M Pirazzini, G Zanetti, A Megighian, M Scorzeto, S Fillo, CC Shone, T Binz, ...
Cell reports 8 (6), 1870-1878, 2014
Post-transcriptional silencing and functional characterization of the Drosophila melanogaster homolog of human Surf1
MA Zordan, P Cisotto, C Benna, A Agostino, G Rizzo, A Piccin, ...
Genetics 172 (1), 229-241, 2006
A Drosophila mutant of LETM1, a candidate gene for seizures in Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome
AG McQuibban, N Joza, A Megighian, M Scorzeto, D Zanini, S Reipert, ...
Human molecular genetics 19 (6), 987-1000, 2009
Contractile properties and myosin heavy chain isoform composition in single fibre of human laryngeal muscles
G D'antona, A Megighian, S Bortolotto, MA Pellegrino, RM Ragona, ...
Journal of Muscle Research & Cell Motility 23 (3), 187-195, 2002
Sphingosine 1-phosphate protects mouse extensor digitorum longus skeletal muscle during fatigue
D Danieli-Betto, E Germinario, A Esposito, A Megighian, M Midrio, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology 288 (6), C1367-C1373, 2005
Drosophila CAKI/CMG Protein, a Homolog of Human CASK, Is Essential for Regulation of Neurotransmitter Vesicle Release
MA Zordan, M Massironi, MG Ducato, G Te Kronnie, R Costa, C Reggiani, ...
Journal of neurophysiology 94 (2), 1074-1083, 2005
Botulinum neurotoxins
O Rossetto, A Megighian, M Scorzeto, C Montecucco
Toxicon 67, 31-36, 2013
Slow-to-fast transformation of denervated soleus muscle of the rat, in the presence of an antifibrillatory drug
M Midrio, D Danieli-Betto, A Megighian, C Velussi, C Catani, U Carraro
Pflgers Archiv 420 (5-6), 446-450, 1992
Collagen VI regulates peripheral nerve myelination and function
P Chen, M Cescon, A Megighian, P Bonaldo
The FASEB Journal 28 (3), 1145-1156, 2014
Early changes of type 2B fibers after denervation of rat EDL skeletal muscle
E Germinario, A Esposito, A Megighian, M Midrio, D Biral, R Betto, ...
Journal of Applied Physiology 92 (5), 2045-2052, 2002
Alternative S2 hinge regions of the myosin rod differentially affect muscle function, myofibril dimensions and myosin tail length
JA Suggs, A Cammarato, WA Kronert, M Nikkhoy, CM Dambacher, ...
Journal of molecular biology 367 (5), 1312-1329, 2007
Tetanus neurotoxin.
O Rossetto, M Scorzeto, A Megighian, C Montecucco
Toxicon: official journal of the International Society on Toxinology 66, 59, 2013
Early effects of denervation on sarcoplasmic reticulum properties of slow-twitch rat muscle fibres
M Midrio, D Danieli-Betto, A Megighian, R Betto
Pflgers Archiv 434 (4), 398-405, 1997
Effects of age on sarcoplasmic reticulum properties and histochemical composition of fa stand slow‐twitch rat muscles
D Danieli‐Betto, R Betto, A Megighian, M Midrio, G Salviati, L Larsson
Acta physiologica scandinavica 154 (1), 59-64, 1995
Mechanical and electrophysiological properties of the sarcolemma of muscle fibers in two murine models of muscle dystrophy: Col6a1−/− and mdx
M Canato, M Dal Maschio, F Sbrana, R Raiteri, C Reggiani, S Vassanelli, ...
BioMed Research International 2010, 2010
Evidence for a radial SNARE super-complex mediating neurotransmitter release at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction
A Megighian, M Zordan, S Pantano, M Scorzeto, M Rigoni, D Zanini, ...
J Cell Sci 126 (14), 3134-3140, 2013
From action potential to contraction: Neural control and excitation–contraction coupling in larval muscles of Drosophila
S Peron, MA Zordan, A Magnabosco, C Reggiani, A Megighian
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative…, 2009
Synaptic activity modifies the levels of dorsal and cactus at the neuromuscular junction of drosophila
C Bolatto, S Chifflet, A Megighian, R Cantera
Journal of neurobiology 54 (3), 525-536, 2003
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