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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)1
DJ Klionsky, AK Abdel-Aziz, S Abdelfatah, M Abdellatif, A Abdoli, S Abel, ...
autophagy 17 (1), 1-382, 2021
Resveratrol inhibits IL‐6‐induced ovarian cancer cell migration through epigenetic up‐regulation of autophagy
A Ferraresi, S Phadngam, F Morani, A Galetto, O Alabiso, G Chiorino, ...
Molecular carcinogenesis 56 (3), 1164-1181, 2017
PTEN dephosphorylates AKT to prevent the expression of GLUT1 on plasmamembrane and to limit glucose consumption in cancer cells
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The metabolic cross‐talk between epithelial cancer cells and stromal fibroblasts in ovarian cancer progression: Autophagy plays a role
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Medicinal Research Reviews 38 (4), 1235-1254, 2018
Resveratrol interrupts the pro-invasive communication between cancer associated fibroblasts and cholangiocarcinoma cells
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Autophagy drives osteogenic differentiation of human gingival mesenchymal stem cells
C Vidoni, A Ferraresi, E Secomandi, L Vallino, C Gardin, B Zavan, ...
Cell Communication and Signaling 17, 1-17, 2019
Dihydroartemisinin induces apoptosis and autophagy‐dependent cell death in cholangiocarcinoma through a DAPK1‐BECLIN1 pathway
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Epigenetic targeting of autophagy for cancer prevention and treatment by natural compounds
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Amino acid response by Halofuginone in Cancer cells triggers autophagy through proteasome degradation of mTOR
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Cell Communication and Signaling 17 (1), 1-18, 2019
How autophagy shapes the tumor microenvironment in ovarian cancer
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The protein restriction mimetic Resveratrol is an autophagy inducer stronger than amino acid starvation in ovarian cancer cells
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Modulation of non-coding RNAs by resveratrol in ovarian cancer cells: In silico analysis and literature review of the anti-cancer pathways involved
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Journal of traditional and complementary medicine 10 (3), 217-229, 2020
Resveratrol contrasts LPA-induced ovarian cancer cell migration and platinum resistance by rescuing Hedgehog-mediated autophagy
A Ferraresi, A Esposito, C Girone, L Vallino, A Salwa, I Ghezzi, ...
Cells 10 (11), 3213, 2021
Cyclodextrin nanosponge for the GSH-mediated delivery of Resveratrol in human cancer cells
M Palminteri, NK Dhakar, A Ferraresi, F Caldera, C Vidoni, F Trotta, ...
Nanotheranostics 5 (2), 197, 2021
Cancer-associated fibroblast-derived IL-6 determines unfavorable prognosis in cholangiocarcinoma by affecting autophagy-associated chemoresponse
S Thongchot, C Vidoni, A Ferraresi, W Loilome, N Khuntikeo, ...
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Targeting autophagy with natural products to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection
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Autophagy-dependent toxicity of amino-functionalized nanoparticles in ovarian cancer cells
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BECN1 and BRCA1 Deficiency Sensitizes Ovarian Cancer to Platinum Therapy and Confers Better Prognosis
A Salwa, A Ferraresi, M Chinthakindi, L Vallino, C Vidoni, ...
Biomedicines 9 (2), 207, 2021
Calorie restriction for cancer prevention and therapy: Mechanisms, expectations, and efficacy
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Resveratrol Contrasts IL-6 Pro-Growth Effects and Promotes Autophagy-Mediated Cancer Cell Dormancy in 3D Ovarian Cancer: Role of miR-1305 and of Its Target ARH-I
A Esposito, A Ferraresi, A Salwa, C Vidoni, DN Dhanasekaran, C Isidoro
Cancers 14 (9), 2142, 2022
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