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Optical nanoantennas for multiband surface-enhanced infrared and Raman spectroscopy
C D’Andrea, J Bochterle, A Toma, C Huck, F Neubrech, E Messina, ...
ACS nano 7 (4), 3522-3531, 2013
SERS detection of Biomolecules at Physiological pH via aggregation of Gold Nanorods mediated by Optical Forces and Plasmonic Heating
B Fazio, C D’Andrea, A Foti, E Messina, A Irrera, MG Donato, V Villari, ...
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E Messina, E Cavallaro, A Cacciola, MA Iatý, PG Gucciardi, F Borghese, ...
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Chitosan-based coatings for corrosion protection of copper-based alloys: a promising more sustainable approach for cultural heritage applications
C Giuliani, M Pascucci, C Riccucci, E Messina, MS de Luna, M Lavorgna, ...
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G Compagnini, E Messina, O Puglisi, RS Cataliotti, V Nicolosi
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E Messina, E Cavallaro, A Cacciola, R Saija, F Borghese, P Denti, B Fazio, ...
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Double-wall nanotubes and graphene nanoplatelets for hybrid conductive adhesives with enhanced thermal and electrical conductivity
E Messina, N Leone, A Foti, G Di Marco, C Riccucci, G Di Carlo, ...
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Long‐lasting efficacy of coatings for bronze artwork conservation: the key role of layered double hydroxide nanocarriers in protecting corrosion inhibitors from photodegradation
M Salzano de Luna, GG Buonocore, C Giuliani, E Messina, G Di Carlo, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (25), 7380-7384, 2018
Exfoliated 2D-MoS2 nanosheets on carbon and gold screen printed electrodes for enzyme-free electrochemical sensing of tyrosine
R Zribi, R Maalej, E Messina, R Gillibert, MG Donato, OM Marag˛, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 303, 127229, 2020
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MG Donato, E Messina, A Foti, TJ Smart, PH Jones, MA Iatý, R Saija, ...
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A shape-engineered surface-enhanced Raman scattering optical fiber sensor working from the visible to the near-infrared
A Foti, C D’Andrea, F Bonaccorso, M Lanza, G Calogero, E Messina, ...
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Role of linear carbon chains in the aggregation of copper, silver, and gold nanoparticles
L D’Urso, G Grasso, E Messina, C Bongiorno, V Scuderi, S Scalese, ...
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Tuning the structural and optical properties of gold/silver nano-alloys prepared by laser ablation in liquids for optical limiting, ultra-sensitive spectroscopy, and opticalá…
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GM Ingo, C Riccucci, G Guida, M Pascucci, C Giuliani, E Messina, ...
Applied Surface Science 470, 695-706, 2019
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