Chengying Bao
Chengying Bao
Tsinghua University
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Intracavity characterization of micro-comb generation in the single-soliton regime
PH Wang, JA Jaramillo-Villegas, Y Xuan, X Xue, C Bao, DE Leaird, M Qi, ...
Optics express 24 (10), 10890-10897, 2016
Microcomb-based true-time-delay network for microwave beamforming with arbitrary beam pattern control
X Xue, Y Xuan, C Bao, S Li, X Zheng, B Zhou, M Qi, AM Weiner
Journal of Lightwave Technology 36 (12), 2312-2321, 2018
Observation of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recurrence induced by breather solitons in an optical microresonator
C Bao, JA Jaramillo-Villegas, Y Xuan, DE Leaird, M Qi, AM Weiner
Physical review letters 117 (16), 163901, 2016
Dispersion engineering and frequency comb generation in thin silicon nitride concentric microresonators
S Kim, K Han, C Wang, JA Jaramillo-Villegas, X Xue, C Bao, Y Xuan, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-8, 2017
Generation of two-cycle pulses and octave-spanning frequency combs in a dispersion-flattened micro-resonator
L Zhang, C Bao, V Singh, J Mu, C Yang, AM Agarwal, LC Kimerling, ...
Optics letters 38 (23), 5122-5125, 2013
Soliton rains in a normal dispersion fiber laser with dual-filter
C Bao, X Xiao, C Yang
Optics letters 38 (11), 1875-1877, 2013
Direct soliton generation in microresonators
C Bao, Y Xuan, JA Jaramillo-Villegas, DE Leaird, M Qi, AM Weiner
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Generation of wavelength-tunable soliton molecules in a 2-μm ultrafast all-fiber laser based on nonlinear polarization evolution
P Wang, C Bao, B Fu, X Xiao, P Grelu, C Yang
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Spatial mode-interaction induced single soliton generation in microresonators
C Bao, Y Xuan, DE Leaird, S Wabnitz, M Qi, AM Weiner
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Vernier spectrometer using counterpropagating soliton microcombs
QF Yang, B Shen, H Wang, M Tran, Z Zhang, KY Yang, L Wu, C Bao, ...
Science 363 (6430), 965-968, 2019
Soliton molecules and multisoliton states in ultrafast fibre lasers: Intrinsic complexes in dissipative systems
L Gui, P Wang, Y Ding, K Zhao, C Bao, X Xiao, C Yang
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C Bao, W Chang, C Yang, N Akhmediev, ST Cundiff
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Soliton repetition rate in a silicon-nitride microresonator
C Bao, Y Xuan, C Wang, JA Jaramillo-Villegas, DE Leaird, M Qi, ...
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Greater than one billion Q factor for on-chip microresonators
L Wu, H Wang, Q Yang, Q Ji, B Shen, C Bao, M Gao, K Vahala
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Microresonator soliton dual-comb imaging
C Bao, MG Suh, K Vahala
Optica 6 (9), 1110-1116, 2019
Spectral Compression of a Dispersion-Managed Mode-Locked Tm:Fiber Laser at
C Bao, X Xiao, C Yang
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 28 (4), 497-500, 2015
Soliton breathing induced by stimulated Raman scattering and self-steepening in octave-spanning Kerr frequency comb generation
C Bao, L Zhang, LC Kimerling, J Michel, C Yang
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Mode-pulling and phase-matching in broadband Kerr frequency comb generation
C Bao, C Yang
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Optics letters 39 (11), 3266-3269, 2014
Stretched cavity soliton in dispersion-managed Kerr resonators
C Bao, C Yang
Physical Review A 92 (2), 023802, 2015
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